She went to the club to meet her boyfriend, she left with a woman instead…

This erotic thriller is coming soon! I’m super excited and would love your opinion on which cover you like best:

Sex, Life, & Hannah Chick Lit Book Series:

If you enjoy Sophie Kinsella books and Red Dress Ink books, you’ll want to put these on the shelf next to them. The Sex, Life, & Hannah chick lit series is available as a Kindle book or print book.

Sex, Life, & Hannah – Volume 1, WINTER SEASON

Hannah suffers a devastating blow when her long standing boyfriend breaks up with her, but will playing a game of musical beds get her any closer to getting married?

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Sex, Life, & Hannah – Volume 2, SPRING SEASON

Hannah places all her bets on the one man she’s determined is the perfect replacement for The Ex, until he sweeps the bath mat out from under her and she finds herself in dangerous territory with her new boss.

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Sex, Life, & Hannah – Volume 3, SUMMER SEASON

Just as Hannah’s getting used to the idea of mixing busienss with pleasure, a blast from the past pops the question she’s been waiting to hear.

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Sex, Life, & Hannah – Volume 4, AUTUMN SEASON

Coming soon…

Sex, Life, & Hannah Limited Edition Graphic Novel

This inaugural volume of the Sex, Life, & Hannah book series is a colorful palette of stories about the aftermath of heartbreak. Everything from the pros and cons of rebound sex, to navigating manic mood swings over The Ex, to whether a leather harness and latex can really help you move on.

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The Dentist and The Toothfairy

The Dentist and The Toothfairy is a haunting story about a dentist’s struggle between the man he once was and the man he wants to be, a cloaked figure that forces him to face his turbulent past, and his duel with love. Set in a fantastical world of militia men, country-dwellers, fairies, and temptresses, this story twists and turns, luring the reader into the unexpected.

This beautifullycrafted coffee-table book is available by special order only. Please contact

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