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Being single gets such a bad rap sometimes. We wallow, or don’t appreciate it, or immediately throw ourselves back into a relationship and utter: EXCLUSIVE before we’ve even devised a plan to meet the Italian Rugby Team. So…consider these five reasons to get excited instead of discouraged in the morning. And email me more.

1. You can date and have sex with whoever you want. Be a slut, or don’t be, but have fun with “the hunt”. There’s like a billion people in the world and half of them are men so get out there! Enjoy the good dates, laugh at the bad, explore your sexuality, and date someone your parents wouldn’t approve of.

2. You can go on a cheap vacation. Buy a plane ticket, go halfers on a hotel room with your BFF, and suddenly…you’re having an adventure. Vacations are great for the soul and your secret identity, and even better when you can split the tab. And if you live in SOCAL, Vegas is really easy and cheap.

3. You can change your look. Cut off your hair and dye it blonde, or get some bangs and go jet black, or shave your head. Here’s the best part: no one’s going to complain. A new look equals a new you, which equals new opportunities.

4. You can move to a new city. Get out of the hum drum of everything you know. My cousin moved from Warsaw to London last year and it did wonders for her life, and love life. Stop worrying about the details! You can always go back, but you may not always have the chance to go daring.

5. You can quit your job and go after your dreams. What do you really want to do with your life? Being single is the perfect time to dig up that ol’ vision board or poster board of everything you’ve ever wanted–or make one! Stop feeling stuck, stop being a hater, maybe even move into your parent’s basement for a while, but go after what you always thought you were born to do. Things change for the better when you love what you do.