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Each year I like to do a seven day juice fast. It rejuvenates my body, mind, and is a time I think about my health. Since I have my Sex, Life, & Hannah blog up and rolling this year, I wanted to share with you this amazing time of year for me, and what has helped me create a healthier relationship with food.

Our relationship with food is one of the most important relationships we have. It directly affects how we look, how we feel, and how quickly we recover from disease. I learned a long time ago that dieting is not a long term answer; if you REALLY want to be healthy you have to understand how everything you put into your body is processed and its effects.

I struggled for many years with looking and feeling TRULY healthy, even though I was thin, thought I ate quite well, popped a lot of supplements, and exercised a lot. Not until I started reading about the physiological effects of food, did I realize the mistakes I was making, and how to fix them. I can honestly say that at 33, I look and feel better than at 23.

Thank you Carolyn of Healthy Voyager for helping me pull a couple of vlogs together about this very important topic. Carolyn is super smart and savvy about all things health and nutrition and is definitely someone I reach out to when I need to know more about food.

Your body is your temple, and your health is the most important thing you have, so cherish it!