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One day, an elephant is walking through the jungle and falls into a pit of quicksand, quickly becoming trapped.

“Help, help,” he cries. A lion walking nearby hears his cries, and arrives on the scene.

“Hang on,” says the lion, and disappears. Almost as quickly, he returns, driving a Porsche Cayenne-Turbo. He backs up to the pit…

“Grab the bumper,” yells the lion. The elephant does, and the lion guns it, in a flurry of gravel, grass, and spinning wheels, he slowly drags the elephant out of the quicksand.

A month later, the elephant is walking in the same area, and hears cries for help… and comes to the quicksand to find the lion trapped! Without hesitation, he swings his enormous dick into the pit, and tells the lion to grab on. The lion does, and the elephant whips the lion out of the pit.

The moral of the story: If you’ve got a big dick, you don’t need a Porsche.