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From Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Summer Season (CHAPTER 25: RING AROUND THE POLE)

The bouncer opens Jumbo’s door for me.

Inside Jumbo’s, the lights are dimmed, the stage is empty, and Christian is counting money to the light of a desk lamp. He’s wearing that burgundy polo he wore on our official first date. I smile. I always did like the way that polo hugged his body.

I sashay past him, wanting him to notice, around to his side of the bar.

He looks up as I approach.

I lay my purse down and wrap my arms around him. “Is this your next career move—Company Man turned Jumbo Clown Room Bookkeeper?” I tease.

He puts down a wad of bills. “You really do wanna get spanked, don’t you?”

I run my hands over his chest, giggling. “I take my sexting very seriously.”

He writes down some numbers on a piece of paper. “Well, laugh all you want, but this place has paid my mom’s bills steadily for a very long time.”

“I don’t doubt it; you have great reviews on Yelp.”

Christian picks up the large tumbler he’s drinking from and points it toward the stage. “We could even have our wedding here.”
I rest my chin against his back, brushing off the ridiculous notion, focusing instead on how good he’s going to look in a tux—way better than Jillian. Maybe he could even grow his hair out a bit…

“Will there be rings at this wedding?”

Christian turns around. “Rings?” He takes a drink. “Well, let’s see…I’ve got mine already”—he nods toward his crotch—“but you…” He takes my fingers between his. “I don’t know where we’ll ever find one that fits you.”

He puts his drink down and spins me around like we’re about to waltz; then he presses me up against the metal sink. His hands play with the edge of my tight dress.

“Maybe I should have taken a different detour tonight.” I brace myself against a wooden ledge.

“Yeah? Did you get a better offer from some wanton sex-pot lesbian?” Christian’s teeth gently bite at my neck.

God I love the way his stubble feels on my skin. “I won’t say I didn’t.” I place my empty ring finger on his left hand. “But it’s easy for things to get precarious, know what I mean?”

“Oh, I know, HJ.” His cheek grazes against mine. “I’ve heard all about the revolving door of men.”

I roll my head back to feel more stubble and open my eyes for just a split second, though it’s enough time for my gaze to land on the top shelf of liquor, on a bottle of…Lagavulin. I close my eyes again. Not wanting to think about Phillip, or our now-strained relationship—or when he called me into his office yesterday, and I had to endure that awkward sexual tension…

I feel Chistian’s mouth brush my shoulder.

“All in the past.” I run my hand over his head. “Now, let’s talk some more about that ring.”

I feel him nibble at my ear. “What are you gonna do to earn that ring you want so bad?”

“Earn?” I pull his head away.

He pulls me tighter. “Or more like…” He fingers my side thoughtfully. “Show me how badly you want it.”

I push away and turn to face him. I place my hand over his left pec and smile. I leisurely pick up his drink and walk out from behind the bar, towards the stage.

To Be Continued…

Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek.
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ISBN 0-9768869-2-1
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