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Dear Hannah,

You are probably in NYC by now…I am just about to leave for my first week of the new production in Hollywood. I’m using the free high-speed at Panera Bread. Ever been to Panera? It’s like the bastard child of IKEA/Starbucks. Just sitting here, it feels as if the walls are screaming “buy inexpensive Norwegian products…now!” They even convinced me to eat one of their damn salads.

So, still kinda thinking about you.

Still trying to figure out what was so damn fulfilling about spending a night trying to get you to have sex with me and not succeeding (I’m thinking it was the hot make out sessions).

I just want you to know that I had a wonderful time; talking with you at the Zombie Lounge, making out in your car, lounging on your couch, having breakfast, all of it. You have an exuberance that really revitalized me…I so needed a positive emotional jolt.

Here’s the part that’s going to sound strange. About four years ago, I wrote a great little story in a fiction class. It was about a guy that accidentally runs across just what he needs in a woman at just the right moment. The two of them end up stealing a transmission from a junkyard together. Odd setting, but I was trying to express to the class that the connection between the two characters was what was important.

As I drove from your place on Saturday, I had an odd sense of deja vous, only I was sure that I never experienced that situation before. Then it hit me, that it paralleled the story I wrote in a lot of ways. You know, as an author, all characters and protagonists are a part of yourself. But I really think that in some strange way, something about the inspiration of the female in that story is the same inspiration I felt from you.

Here’s the disclaimer: I’m not planning on stalking you, showing up at your door unexpectedly, barraging you with phone calls, etc. I just wanted to share that with you; express to you just how much our time together meant to me.

Hope all goes well in the city. Don’t hurt yourself pulling all the answers out of your ass…permanent damage could result.

See you when you get back!