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Deniz is Le Fashion Monster and every time I land on her blog I get an awesome style idea. She has a knack for picking classic pieces and adding just the right amount of splash to create outfits that embody L.A. living.

Here is Deniz’ MUST HAVE for April:

For April, I’m tickled pink.

As a blogger, I love to pick themes for my blog every month. This month, my theme is pink. By incorporating pink into my outfit posts, I really get to explore my comfort and creativity with this color. Being a blogger constantly tests my imagination, and this month, with pink being my theme, one of my must-have items are these pink “Belinda”  heels from Sole Society. These heels are perfect for April! Bold, fun, and versatile!

The reason these Sole Society pink pumps are pure perfection is because they truly put a smile on my face and…I find it to be a challenge to wear them. Good news, I love a challenge! Don’t be afraid to take a risk with shoes, after all, they really can be the ONLY staple in your look. Jeans, a t-shirt ,and a pair of killer heels? That’s all you need.

My question to you Sex, Life and Hannah followers is: how would you wear these “Belinda” heels, and what is your pink  must-have?