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age of aquarius 2


Yesterday I got an email from a good friend that got me excited and thinking… He wrote:

Besides being Ash Wednesday, today is the day in which the Mayan calendar changes into its last cycle. This cycle will last 280 days–a nano-blip in comparison to the previous two cycles, which were 12 years and 244 years, respectively. Don’t be surprised to encounter some accelerated changes in your personal world similar to what is happening on the planet. The changes will be short, but intense.

Another way to put it is that our solar system is moving into The Aquarian Age. As the new age gets closer, psychic activity amongst us will increase and will only get stronger. This change of cycles is as normal as breathing. So, as you experience change, just relax and breath to align your personal experience to that of the worldly shifts with greater ease.

Listen to your intuition, beathe, and embrace the change:)

Thank you Hugh.