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Well, let’s see…it was kind of mayhem:) People were getting stuck on the 405, arriving late, canceling, but whatever happened or didn’t happen, we all had some fun, did a little shopping, talked about everything from squirting to marriage, and I got to read from Sex, Life, & Hannah, which is always a privelege. Plus I got to wear a crazy little dress I would have never even batted an eye at before I started getting girlified.

Thank you so much Blush Boutique in Encino for hosting and providing the amazing martinis and snacks, and super huge thanks to my good friend, loyal supporter, and trusty helper @Sugarcurlz.

Where would we be in this world without good friends…


All the pics here:

And now, back to the business of writing, and getting this third Sex, Life, & Hannah book done.