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There is something about this picture that really says it all to me. The man is being taken by a woman. Perhaps he just met her, perhaps it’s a regular tryst. His wife, in the corner, is watching him. Of course she’s not really there, but he knows she’s there. No matter how good the blow job or how tight the pussy, he can’t deny she exists. And his wife is not alone either. She may not be enjoying it, because perhaps she’s doing it out of spite, but once trust is broken anything goes.

And there’s the rub.

I’ve been there; the cheater, the other woman, and the scorned lover. You know what I remember? I was drunk. Cheating is not a logical decision. You’re usually wasted off your ass, set up in some swanky hotel in a different city, with a $300 expense per diem begging to be spent on that top shelf…oh wait, that was 2003. Yes, the secrecy and spontaneity can be thrilling but YOU’RE DRUNK, three sheets to the wind, off your rocker, and if you’re not and you’re cheating, you’re in a fucked up relationship and you should get out. Unless you’re in an “open” marriage or swingers, and the only reason she’s standing in the corner giving you the stink eye is because she’s pissed you ended up with the better half of the couple. More on those confessions in the Summer Season…

Sober the eff up people! As I wrote on my facebook page after I posted this Esquire article that spurred some healthy debate: When you are not completely honest with yourself and the people around you, you are simply living in a mirage of yourself. And if that metaphor doesn’t make any sense to you, just get sober before you do anything.

Now off you go to that happy hour.