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I am local, very independent, and very entertaining for only 8.99

My sweet, shy, timid little sister has decided to try her hand at selling Avon. Even though these three characteristics and “sales” is quite the dichotomy, I support it. I support anytime someone wants to stretch their wings, try something new, and step into an uncomfortable situation, because I believe this is how we grow.

Yesterday she asked me what my best advice was to her in how to make sales. My response: Believe in what you’re selling. If you love your product(s), your efforts will be coming from a genuine place, and even if you don’t get the exact results you want, you will get better results. I also told her that she should make a list of reasons why people should buy her product(s). And then I thought, I really should do that too, especially in this season when most of us are thinking about buying more than usual.

So, here goes, my reasons for why you should buy a Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Club Membership:

1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. For a one-time payment of $8.99 you right away get two books, and in a few months, you’ll get another book, and by the end of 2012, there will be another book, and guess what, there may even be one or two more, and you never have to pay any more than $8.99.

2. It’s a great little unique gift. Perfect for someone that loves to read romance novels, or “chick lit”, or relationship fiction. If you want to gift the Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Club Membership, read how to, here:, or send me an email, I am happy to walk you through.

3. You can read the Sex, Life, & Hannah ebooks ANYWHERE. You can read them on your mobile, on your computer, on your Kindle, iPad, basically anywhere you have internet access, SNAP, you can start reading.

4. Sex, Life, & Hannah is an environmentally-friendly way to be entertained (we still care about the environment, right?). Don’t get me wrong, I love print books, but I’ve become more and more selective about the print books I buy. If it’s a collector’s edition, or something I’m getting signed, or an amazing graphic novel, yes, I will still buy a print copy, but if it’s a fun little romance novel, or just an interesting piece of fiction, I’d much rather buy it and read it on my Kindle for Droid or computer and call it what it is: Entertainment. Like a night out at the movies, but wayyyy cheaper.

5. Speaking of cheap entertainment, I don’t know how much cheaper you can get than $8.99 for, currently, about four hours worth of reading. You’ll definitely be dropping $20 to go to the movies, or a yoga class, or a bar, or even Starbucks. As far as I’m concerned, any time you’re spending less than $10 on something in the name of fun or relaxation you’re winning.

6. The Sex, Life, & Hannah books are good. Dare I say, really good. Even if you read them and don’t think they’re the best romance books you’ve ever read, you most certainly will not think they’re any worse than a Danielle Steel saga. In fact I guarantee you will laugh, or crack a smile, and maybe even get a little nostalgic. If you need more convincing, read what some of my readers have said here:

7. Finally, I am a local, independent, artist. I don’t have the support of a big marketing machine, or agent, or publisher, so your support means everything to me. When you purchase a Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Club Membership, when you tell your friends about the books, you make make it possible for me to keep writing, and bring you something enjoyable.

Thank you!