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From Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Summer Season (CHAPTER 26: WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS)

An hour, sixty dollars, and three stiff drinks later, I look up as my sister sits down next to me.

She lights up and tells the bartender she’d like a Belver Bears straight up. He tells her it’ll be a couple minutes, that someone will have to bring out a bottle; he reaches for the phone, but Holly snaps, “Belvedere will be fine.”

I sip my drink nervously. “So, did you win?”

She shakes her head. “It’s all gone.”

My eyes widen. “All? What do you mean, all? How much is all gone?”

Holly blows out a plume of smoke. “I told you—twenty grand.”

I gasp. “In an hour? How is that even possible?”

Holly looks away from me. “Baccarat.” She picks up the glass the bartender places in front of her. “When Lucas and I were here, he had this strategy: Bet one thousand a hand ’til you’re up one hundred percent and then go to two thousand. But I kept losing, so I started getting nervous and I lowered my bet to five hundred, and it all still kept going…”

I start rubbing my temples. “Let me get this straight: You took the last of all your money in the world and bet one thousand dollars a hand? That was your strategy?” It’s official: my sister is not in touch with reality. “You know, you’re not rich anymore, Holly.” I lower my voice so as not to draw attention. “You can’t just toss thousands of dollars at your problems and make them go away. You have to be like the rest of us now and work really hard for that kind of money. And most likely at a job you don’t like.” This is starting to feel like a really bad hangover.

Holly doesn’t say anything and slams down her vodka. She clears her throat. “Get your stuff together. We’re meeting Aunt Helen at the Bunny Ranch.”

To Be Continued…

Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek.
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