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photo: all the lovely SLH Book Cover Contest prizes

Hello cookies. I hope you don’t mind the influx of SLH promo stuff lately, but this is pressure and production time in the world of Sex, Life, & Hannah. This is the time when I need to shine and make things happen so that I can bring you the next installment of one of the most entertaining book series you’ll ever read:)

The Book Cover Contest is on it’s way, but it’s been a little slow to start so me and my marketing assistant have decided to do two things:

1) Even though we’ve already got some cool pics on the SLH FB wall, we’re extending the contest until March30th to make it a bit more exciting and competitive.

2) Because I’ve gotten some emails from ladies that want to submit, but are a little shy about posting, you can now email me your pic to: and I will post the pic for you anonymously.

Good luck everyone! And thanks so much for participating.

xoxoxoxo, D:)

p.s. the new book is really coming along. I just finished the next draft of the manuscript and the feedback I’m getting from my editors is that we’re really close to final, so hang tight, this book will be out for your reading pleasure very soon.