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I may get a lot of heat for what I’m about to write in this post, because every article I’ve ever read on this subject writes to the contrary, but here goes: Penis size does matter, and 92% of you that answered my poll agree.

I, like probably the majority of the 92% of you, did not arrive at this conclusion haphazardly. There was probably an experience or two that shaped this opinion over time. For me, there were three. There was the guy who once lubed me up with some oral pleasure only to reveal a penis about the size of my index finger, that he couldn’t really fit into a condom…and that was the end of that. There was the guy who actually had decent girth, but was no bigger than three inches erect, and also couldn’t last for longer than three minutes, ever. And finally the guy that looked and felt as flaccid as he did erect, so I could never tell, and eventually gave up trying to tell.

I am not saying that I haven’t had my share of blunders with men that had the normal average (about 5 1/2 inches last I checked). I am also not saying that a guy can’t get you off if he’s not packin’. Good hand and oral techniques can sometimes take you there like a penis can’t. And I also agree with David Cates when he writes, “What a woman wants is to FEEL YOU: your heart, your mind, your tears, your laughter. Your gratitude. Your excitement. Your joy. The trembling in your fingertips when you brush against her thighs. The sigh of contentment when she takes you in her mouth”.

Women orgasm more from the emotional than the physical, this is true, but there is still a mind body connection that I believe you can’t deny. For me, there is something sexually arousing when I see a man with a well-sized erect penis and there is something sexually fulfilling when I can feel and clamp onto that penis inside of me. If there wasn’t, I would probably be a lesbian.

Do ALL women feel this way? Obviously not 8% of you, and I have definitely met those that are indifferent; don’t care about size, or actually prefer smaller. And that’s awesome, because I totally believe there is someone for everyone, and many different ways to pleasure a woman if you’re just willing to try.