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New Website for The Need

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Book News | 0 comments


Hello lovelies,

I made an executive decision back in June that I was going to create a new website for my upcoming erotic thriller, The Need. This one-website-fits-all versus individual websites for each creative property has been an on-going debate over the years, and I’m back to thinking that it’s best to keep things separate.

I am going to re-dedicate to my chick lit series of the same name and maybe, in the near future, get back to writing some more dating and lifestyle blog posts about life and love in this crazy City of Angels; similar themes being discussed in Sex, Life, & Hannah. That was my original intention back in 2009 when I started the website and that’s what I’m going back to.

Stay tuned for updates about the next, and last, book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series! Things got a bit derailed after I finished the first draft of the last book in May because of The Need, but I’m hoping to start writing the second draft in September, and still possibly finish the saga in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a “hot and terrifying” summer read, go to Everything you want to know about The Need is up on that site, including a sizzling book trailer that just posted this week.

Hope you are having a fabulous summer, and see you in the autumn season.

xoxoxo, Hannah




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Pulp and Prejudice Book Signing

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This is going to be a cool event. First of all, I have not done a book signing in quite a while. 2012 to be exact. And it’s probably time to come out of hiding. Secondly, I really enjoy one-woman shows, and this Jane Morris chick…she’s got quite the acting, writing, and directing chops. One-woman shows are fiercely emotional and full of life’s little truths, and this one happens to be about romance–in books, movies, and life. How awesome is that? Why don’t you come down on Sunday and find out.

I will be there with four other terrific romance writers: Maggie Marr, Allison Morse, Sylvie Fox, and Carol Ericson. And…I will have a very special deal on all three books in my Sex, Life, & Hannah chick lit series. Ripe for your summer reading. So…a book deal you don’t want to miss out on, a mini book fair, wine and snacks, and what’s sure to be a very funny show. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening. OK, maybe I can think of one or two things…involving an underwear model and some rope…but it’s not like you can’t do that AFTER the book signing and show.

See you there. No excuses.

Date & Time: Sunday, June 7th, 6:30 PM

Place: FanaticSalon, 3815 Sawtelle Blvd., Culver City, L.A.

Cost: $15


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Hannah at The LATimes Bookfest 2015

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Hello lovers,

Just a quick note about this year’s LA Times Festival of Books, otherwise known as #Bookfest, especially if you’re on Twitter. I will be there along with my fellow LA and OC Romance Authors supporting the most popular genre of books. Booth 916 is going to be filled with romance authors telling you about their latest books, signing their books, information about the LA and OC chapters of the Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) for all you aspiring romance writers, two HUGE giveaway baskets,  and lotsa free schwag, including Hannah schwag from your favorite chick lit series: Sex, Life, & Hannah. I’ve also heard through the grapevine that some of the signing authors are hiring “Booth Babes”, yes, hot hunky MEN that you can take…pictures with (and maybe take home for the right incentive:) so you don’t wanna miss out. I am currently scheduled to be there Saturday, April 18th…in case you want to take pictures with me or ask me any questions about the last book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series, which I’ve been working on diligently, and is coming your way #October2015.

See you at the festival! xoxoxo, Hannah


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April 12 Thru April 13 Will Be Awesome

April 12 Thru April 13 Will Be Awesome

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Book News | 0 comments


What’s so awesome about the weekend of April 12th thru April 13, 2014?

Aside from the fact that the final season of one of my favorite shows, Mad Men, is airing…I’m doing something I haven’t done since 2006: Exhibiting at the LA Times Festival of Books. For those of you that have been, you know it’s a book lovers paradise, and for those of you that haven’t…perhaps you should make a maiden voyage this year. Especially since I’m giving away FREE BOOKS.

That’s right, if you come to booth 914/915 April 12th thru April 13th, and flash me the fancy poster at the top of this post on your phone, I will personally hand you a free book. What book you ask? I can’t give it all away, but I can tell you there is “sex” in the title, and in the book. I can also tell you there will be bikers, babes, and Beatles fans roaming nearby if you’re looking for an interesting daytime party before you settle in on your couch with martini in hand to watch Don Draper do what he does best.

Worried you won’t be able to find this post on the day? Just follow me on Facebook or Twitter. See you in a couple of weeks!

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Free for the Holidays

Free for the Holidays

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Holiday fever is in full swing and this year I’m trying something new. I’m doing a special five day promotion where you can download the first book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series on your Kindle for FREE.

For those of you that have been on the fence about diving into my chick lit series, this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. For those of you that are still in a quandary about what to get that certain someone that loves books like Bridget Jones’ Diary and anything by Sophie Kinsella, and watches Girls religiously, look no further and send them this book. And for those of you that know you’re going to need some Christmas filler while sitting on planes and trains and sneaking away to the local coffee shop for some desperately needed alone time away from the family, have this book in your back pocket. If you’ve been with me for a while you know the Sex, Life, & Hannah Winter Season is about a girl desperately searching for The One after getting badly dumped on New Year’s Eve, and for those of you that have no idea what this book is about, read a few excerpts on my website.

OK, now it’s time to take my marketing hat off and say: Thank you. I’m another year into my author journey and I could not be keeping the spirit alive without YOU. It really is the likes, and comments, and retweets, and bursts of sales, and reviews throughout the year that inspire me to continue writing. Without you I’d have gone back to journaling my neurotic thoughts in private a long time ago.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Spend it with people you love. Support your local retailers and artists. And make room for a little alone time, curled up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, some gingerbread cookies, and a good book.

p.s. I would love to read your review on Amazon. Your reviews help me spread the word and also make me a better writer.

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The Need Places First in 2013 Golden Palm Contest

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The Need Places First in 2013 Golden Palm Contest, Manuscript May Be Too Hot To Handle

Indie author Dorota Skrzypek, also writing as S.L. Hannah, submits entry into New Adult Romance Category of the 2013 Golden Palm Contest, beats out the competition, but agent judging the category is not interested in reading entire manuscript.

Los Angeles/California/USA – WEBWIRE – Thursday, December 05, 2013



The Need Places First in 2013 Golden Palm Contest, Manuscript May Be Too Hot To Handle  

LOS ANGELES, California (December 4, 2013) – Indie author Dorota Skrzypek, also writing as S.L. Hannah, submits entry into New Adult Romance Category of the 2013 Golden Palm Contest, beats out the competition, but agent judging the category is not interested in reading entire manuscript.

“The win is exciting, but the response a little surprising,” says author Skrzypek. “The contest doesn’t guarantee anything, but I really thought winning would mean getting through the sludge pile of a literary agency. Maybe this is just a sign of the times.” Big publishers having to compete against online giant Amazon and its record number of self-published authors are being more cautious than ever about investing in new talent and that’s affecting how agents screen their work. “The impression traditional publishers have left over the last few years is: prove yourself as an author on your own first, and then we’ll be happy to help you. Or maybe the story is just too ‘hot, hot, hot’ as per the judges score sheet,” adds Skrzypek.

In October of this year, Amazon, Kobo, and other e-book retailers cracked down on erotica by removing titles of works that depicted incest, rape and child pornography. Following in similar footsteps, the UK is banning pornography depicting rape and many authors fear books may be the next target. Even Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video has been banned at over 20 Universities over fears the song glamorizes rape and its lyrics are sexist. While Skrzypek’s manuscript, The Need, does address some of these controversial topics the author argues there is a big difference between gratuitous sex in books written for shock value, and books exploring the psychological factors behind forced sex fantasies, the Madonna-Whore complex, and other studied sexual behavior.

Dorota Skrzypek, also writing as S.L. Hannah, is author of the Sex, Life, & Hannah book series. Her latest book, The Need, about a college-aged girl that falls in love with the woman holding her captive, is set for release in early 2014. With initial reviewers calling the book “one powerful piece of writing; well-told, honest and creepy as hell,” Skrzypek is anticipating the book to make a dent in at least one best-seller list.  The Need is based on a screenplay written by Scott Frazelle. To find out more, please visit

Click here for the original Press Release.

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