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SLH 3.0

SLH 3.0

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Book News | 0 comments

Those of you that have been with me long enough know that I’ve been through several iterations of websites. Trying to get things just right seems to be a continuous process of re-invention, even when it comes to cyberspace.

I’ve known that I’ve needed to go through another makeover for a while now. The blogging craze that reached its pinnacle a couple of years ago also took hold of me like a wild fire and before I knew it I was writing three different blogs…and working a lot less on writing actual books. That was definitely not my intention. It was time to take a step back and re-assess.

SLH 3.0 is my attempt at consolidating and putting forth an author website. A website where you can find info about me and ALL my books. Now I know, is an unusual domain name to have for my main author site, and I’m sure during another makeover I’ll change that, but for now it makes the most sense. The Sex, Life, & Hannah book series has been the main focus of my writing since 2007 and it has defined me as an author. I’ve written a lot of content for that site and set up my social media pages for that book series…I didn’t want to start from scratch at this point. I also didn’t want to have to manage a fourth blog, so this is where I decided to land. I know, a bit unusual, just like S.L. Hannah.

If we’re linked up on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve noticed I’ve changed my name to S.L. Hannah. This is both an attempt to make those circles about more than just the Sex, Life, & Hannah book series, as well as potentially start using a pen name. I know. What am I thinking?! Everyone knows me as Dorota Skiysufhrrrkweifhfznpek. I swear if I had thought this through better I would have started using a pen name from the beginning because even though my name is super common in Poland, in North America, it looks like something the cat puked up. Not super suave for branding, but hey, I wasn’t thinking about branding back in 2005 when I published my first book.

There is a lot I like about S.L. Hannah. Hannah has been with me since I created my publishing company, The Adventures of Hannah. Then of course I wrote, Sex, Life, & Hannah. And I’ve been using the name Hannah as an alias since the days of being single and perusing bars and clubs and parties in the hills–WAY before Hannah Montana became a Disney pop sensation and EVERYBODY started naming their kids and main characters, Hannah.

Here’s the thing though: I’m not sure if I will ever actually use the pen name S.L. Hannah. I’ve been taking this online Amazon Sales course, and one of the many things I learned was this: the more books you write that you can attach to your author profile on Amazon, the easier it is be for people to find your books on Amazon and buy them–crazy Polish last name, or not. As I sit on the brink of publishing my fifth book, I wonder if a pen name even makes sense, although J.K. Rowling did it and it seems to have worked out for her pretty well.

Check out the new site: and let me know what you think (all feedback is always appreciated). There may be a few things I’ll be able to tweak, but for the most part I’m going to focus on writing my next book. Stay tuned!

p.s. Those of you who bought the Sex, Life, & Hannah Book Club Membership will also notice that this feature is no longer available on my website. However, I will be honoring those memberships when Volume 4 of the chick lit series comes out (either late 2014 or early 2015). If you are a member, you will receive an email with a PDF copy of the final book.

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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments

Hey guys! Just a quickie post about something cool that Sex, Life, & Hannah is sponsoring (i.e. books in the gift bags) tonight: The Langdon Nation 3rd Anniversary Party.

As some of you may already know, Langdon Nation is a super fun podcast that I’ve had the pleasure to be on a couple of times now, and when they take their show live, it’s even more wild (like watching Langdon perform Jack at my book release party…times 100). So bring your dancing shoes (there’s 6 bands performing), some cash (all profits go to support Barks of Love Animal Rescue and The Dream Foundation), your A-game, and apparently your iPod, and let’s PAR-TAY at Skinny’s Lounge in NoHo.

7pm – Red Carpet with Celebrity Appearances
Special Langdon Nation Drink Specials
8pm – Showtime
11pm – After party with iPod Deejay Competition

See you there! xo, D:)

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Sex, Life, and Hannah Mingas

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Hey guys, just wanted to send out a quick note that Sex, Life, & Hannah will be part of the gift bags for Fashion Minga 2012. So…if you want one of the cool, and now limited edition copies, of the very first Sex, Life, & Hannah book, in all its super sexy graphic novella glory, come out next Thursday, October 18, for Fashion Minga.

“Fashion Minga is a collaboration of designers, performers, and tastemakers coming together to celebrate the various components that inspire fashion: music, dance, color, shape, and visual elements. “Minga” is an Ecuadorian term for “a community coming together to work for the benefit of all”.  Fashion Minga takes place during LA Fashion Week, welcomes over 2,000 guests, showcases up-and-coming and established designers, and features the industry’s hottest dance teams and performers.”

Have a great weekend lovelies, hope to see you next Thursday!

xoxo, D:)


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What happened at Book Soup…

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The books are done. The virtual book tour is completed. The celebration at Book Soup is now eleven days passed and July has been quite the month.

I want to thank everyone that helped make this happen. My two editors: Jennifer Thomas and Scott Frazelle. Julia Becca, our summer silhouette contest winner, and Tiffany Davis-Rustam, who brought the silhouette to the cover of the third book. And Sasha Jones, who has been helping me spread the word about Sex, Life, & Hannah since November and coordinated the event at Book Soup. Super special thanks also to Langdon Bosarge of Langdon Nation and actress Mary Pascoe who helped bring the Sex, Life, & Hannah characters to life. It really does take a team, and I’m grateful to have such a good one.

If you missed the event on July 20th, check out the video, buy the book on Amazon instead, and see you next time. There will be one more book…

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Summer Season Book Launch

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The journey to this third book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series has been a long one; not just because I wanted to push myself as a writer and give you guys even more story, but because I also finally concluded on a new way to publish the books to make them more available to everyone. The release of the Summer Season is not just a celebration of the continuation of a great book series, but also a celebration of a new way of doing business as an author.

I hope you can all join me at Book Soup next Friday to check out the new books, listen to me read some excerpts, and enjoy some light snacks and wine. Your support has inspired me to keep going, and I can’t imagine having done this without all my SLH fans.



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