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Summer Season Virtual Book Tour

Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments



To help spread the word about the release of the third book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series, I have decided to do a virtual book tour. This tour is going to be a combination of interviews, excerpts, and reviews, plus a fun little treasure hunt where you can win all three books, in their new amazing design, signed by me.

I am super excited to have these great blogs participating in helping me spread the word. This is always the hardest part, and I am thrilled to have the support. So tune in, get some juicy details about the latest book…and me, and enter to win what so many reading the advance copies are calling: The ultimate beach read.

To win the books just write each blog’s favorite quote in the form below and submit. It’s super easy! If you miss a quote, I will be posting direct links below as they are published. I am giving away THREE sets of books, and forms must be submitted by July 26th. Winners will receive an email July 27th. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada to participate. Good luck!

July 10: Chick Lit Central post and fave quote:

July 11: The Romance Reviews post and fave quote:

July 12: Skinny Dip post and fave quote:

July 13: All Women Stalk Check out the Twitter Chat and click here for the fave quote: All Women Stalk Fave SLH Quote

July 14: Ms Cheevious post and fave quote:

July 15: Langdon Nation podcast about our guiltiest pleasures and fave quote:

July 16: Why Girls Are Weird post and fave quote:

July 17: LAInspiration post and fave quote:

July 18: Bad Online Dates post and fave quote:

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Summer Season Silhouette

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So…a lot went down since I posted last Friday. Basically I realized that no amount of yoga is going to help me make my June 1 book release at Book Soup. At first this realization bummed me out, but then a huge amount of stress lifted. I want to give you all the best book possible. I don’t want to rush and then regret not giving myself a few more weeks.  And I want to enjoy my book release, not worry whether the books are going to arrive in time. My assistant is working on setting up a new date, while me and my editor continue through the publishing grind; stay tuned.

In other news, my amazing designer just sent me this almost final of the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season silhouette based on our silhouette contest winner. What do you think?


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Hannah Bares All In The Summer Season

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LOS ANGELES, CA, APRIL 19, 2012 – Sex, Life, and Hannah, the juicy woman-on-top book series authored by Dorota Skrzypek, will unveil its third installment at Book Soup in Los Angeles on June 1st. The Summer Season picks up where its predecessors left off, chronicling the exploits of Hannah, a female professional trying desperately to make sense of the L.A. single life. Through broken hearts, broken dreams, and nearly-broken bed frames (yes—there is a lot of sex), Hannah grapples with the modern late-twenty-something’s conundrum: Does the fairytale life exist, and is it worth having?

It seems that Skrzypek’s heroine is not alone in this debate. Cable television is crawling with ladies trapped under this same conundrum—curiously enough also named Hannah. HBO’s new series, Girls, follows newly-graduated protagonist Hannah Horvath as she struggles to support herself in chasing her professional dreams, while learning about love and sex in a cold, technologically-distracted world. Showtime’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl dealt with Hannah Baxter, a college graduate concealing her career choice as a call girl, in a world that advocates more traditional life decisions.

While it may seem like an uncanny coincidence that these women all share a name, it’s not as uncanny that they are all having the same deliberations. Is modern media telling us that the average professional woman is mind-warped over society’s expectations of her?

Sex, Life, and Hannah addresses this question poignantly and humorously, in all forms. An article recently posted to its website blog, entitled “Do Not Be This Girl”, critiques the woman’s typical marriage path with biting candor—and garnered over 12,000 hits as soon as it hit the Internet. Proving that non-traditional courtship can be quite the adventure, the site’s most viewed book excerpt, “Sex in an Airplane Bathroom”, spares no dirty detail of Mile-High-Club induction gone terribly wrong. Sex, Life, and Hannah is acclaimed by audiences as jaw-dropping, frank, and relatable. Writer’s Digest hails it as “an honest, sensitive, and intelligent investigation of the human heart… [with] wit, charm, pathos, and passion.”


Dorota Skrzypek was born in Poland, grew-up in Canada, and moved to Southern California in 1997. After many years of flying airplanes, designing airports, exploring the world, and dating a swarm of eligible bachelors, she created the adventures of hannah to focus on writing fiction. Dorota resides in Los Angeles with her husband, writer and producer, Scott Frazelle. The adventures of hannah is a boutique publishing and production company dedicated to re-imagining content and engaging the public in new ways. Whatever the medium, story-telling is the passion.

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SLH Site Down

Posted by on Mar 20, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments

hacked part 2

Hey guys, I’m experiencing site problems again. Maybe due to another hack, maybe not, but I just want to let you know that there’s a lot of stuff you won’t be able to access for a few days, including the Members page:(

Hang tight. Me, my web guy, and Godaddy are doing our best to get everything up and running ASAP.

Have an awesome week!

xo, D:)

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Book Cover Contest Update

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photo: all the lovely SLH Book Cover Contest prizes

Hello cookies. I hope you don’t mind the influx of SLH promo stuff lately, but this is pressure and production time in the world of Sex, Life, & Hannah. This is the time when I need to shine and make things happen so that I can bring you the next installment of one of the most entertaining book series you’ll ever read:)

The Book Cover Contest is on it’s way, but it’s been a little slow to start so me and my marketing assistant have decided to do two things:

1) Even though we’ve already got some cool pics on the SLH FB wall, we’re extending the contest until March30th to make it a bit more exciting and competitive.

2) Because I’ve gotten some emails from ladies that want to submit, but are a little shy about posting, you can now email me your pic to: and I will post the pic for you anonymously.

Good luck everyone! And thanks so much for participating.

xoxoxoxo, D:)

p.s. the new book is really coming along. I just finished the next draft of the manuscript and the feedback I’m getting from my editors is that we’re really close to final, so hang tight, this book will be out for your reading pleasure very soon.

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