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Romance Reviews Party

Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments

romance reviews anniversary party

Hey guys! I’m sorry I’m just getting to announcing this now, but life has been crazy hectic between trying to finish the third installment of Sex, Life, & Hannah, having to meet an insane deadline for one of my clients, and dealing with the many other hats I wear as a self-published author.

I finally have someone to relieve some of the load, and she’s been busy getting the word out about Sex, Life, & Hannah. One of the cool things she has me participating in is the Romance Reviews Party. It’s basically the biggest digital gathering I’ve ever heard of, of well-known and unknown romance writers. There’s games, giveaways, and author interviews, so if you’re a romance book junkie like me, check it out!

I will be doing a forum chat all day tomorrow, Monday, March 5th! So if you go here: and click on the folder: Dorota Skrzypek you will be able to ask me ANYTHING, and you know me, I’m not shy.

Also, a fun little book Q&A will appear on The Romance Reviews on Monday, March 12th.


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Book Cover Contest

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments

I am looking for a silhouette to grace the cover of my next book, and I’m thinking some of my hot fans might be able to help me out! If you have a photo that you think will make a great silhouette for my next book cover, post it on the Sex, Life, & Hannah Facebook page by March 30th (deadline extended!), get as many people to “like” your photo, and win the Ultimate Girl Package, valued at $300.


  1. You on the next Sex, Life, & Hannah book cover.
  2. Lingerie from CLO Intimates. Retail value: $125.
  3. A $50 gift certificate to Telltale Hearts Vintage.
  4. Jewelry from Celestemichelle. Retail value: $50.
  5. Eye shadow palettes from BH Cosmetics. Retail value: $50.
  6. A $25 gift certificate to Amazon.

Please Note:

  1. I am looking for a female silhouette. Sorry guys.
  2. I need a full body photo; not 3/4.
  3. Angles and curves make for good silhouettes, so show them off:)
  4. Post a photo that has a relatively plain background, not busy with a crowd of people or filled with furniture, posters, etc.
  5. This silhouette is for the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season, so think “summer”. Maybe you have a great pic of yourself hanging out at the beach…
  6. You don’t have to do a photo shoot, you probably have the perfect picture from back in your heyday:)
  7. Win by getting people to like your photo on my wall. Share the photo on your wall and make sure people like the photo not the link so the vote registers.


  1. I prefer you not post any nude pictures because you know how Facebook can be, and both of the previous silhouettes on our book covers were artistic renditions of clothed women so you really don’t have to. However, if you are comfortable posting a tasteful photo (i.e. no nasty spread-eagle bush shots), go for it.
  2. You must be over 18 years of age to enter, and live in North America.
  3. Contest ends 3PM, March 30th. Winner will be announced later that day, so if you entered, make sure you check back on the Sex, Life, & Hannah Facebook page on March 30th for instructions on how to claim your Ultimate Girl Package, otherwise we will have to pick the runner-up.
  4. Sex, Life, & Hannah reserves the right to disqualify photos deemed inappropriate, or photos we will not be able create a summer silhouette from. For example, if you post a photo of yourself in a parka, we won’t be able to use it for our Summer Season cover.
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Brazilian Book Worm Interview

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments

The interview below was posted on the Brazilian Bookworm website.

Q. Hi Dorota, is that your real name or a pen name?

I wish I’d thought of a cool pen name, but no, Dorota is my real name.

Q. Is this your first book(s)?

Actually no. The very first book I published was a graphic novel called The Dentist and The Toothfairy. I wrote the short story, and an amazing artist out of Montreal, Canada did all the artwork.

Q. Tell us a bit about your writing and your latest book and a bit about the sequels that will come this year.

My writing tends to focus on relationships, and often their downfall. I am hugely fascinated by human relationships of all sorts; friendships, lovers, partners, husbands and wives, what makes people click, fall in love or lust, what makes people part ways, and I can’t seem to write about anything else at the moment.

The latest book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah book series is basically another nail in the coffin that is Hannah’s love life. She continues to make awkward decisions about the men in her life, pin all her hopes on nostalgia and passionate romps in the sack, and acquiesce to the pressures of what society thinks your life should look like by the time you reach your late twenties. But don’t worry; just when Hannah starts to believe all relationships are doomed, she has the epiphany that all women should have: men, marriage, and babies aren’t going to make you happy, only you can make yourself happy, and you need to start living your life that way instead of chasing some expectation.

Q. When did you start writing?

I got my first journal in elementary school; first grade to be exact. I was basically a journal writer from then on, until I realized I wanted to write books, which didn’t occur until my mid-twenties.

Q. What made you start writing?

Not sure exactly why I felt compelled to start or keep writing in my journals. At first I think I just wanted to keep track of what was happening in my life, and then it became a form of therapy for a long time. I don’t write as much now in my journal, maybe because I spend a lot of time blogging, or maybe I fixed all the problems I thought I had…

Q. How did you choose your style, the genre of writing?

I write in two very distinct ways. The first way sounds very much like the fairytales I used to read before bed, the second sounds a lot like I’m still writing in my journal.

Q. How spicy can we expect the books to be? How explicit?

I like to be emotionally and sexually explicit in my Sex, Life, & Hannah books without crossing the line of pornography, because I want my writing to feel relatable. I want to express the thoughts that sometimes we’re too afraid to say, and I want the characters to do some things that we might be too afraid to do.

Q. Are the books in any way inspired by your life (at any point of life)?

Yes, absolutely, especially the first book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series. When I wrote that first manuscript I literally had my journal open right next to my computer. That first book is really about my first major heartbreak.

Q. Is there prejudice, among bloggers, among other authors, among critics, anyone, for the “spicy”/sex-related genre?

Probably. I think some people won’t even go to my website because the word “sex” is in the domain name. But to me, the word “sex” encompasses so much more than just the physical act. Our sexuality makes up so much of the person we present to the world, and that is more my intent of the use of that word in the title of my book series.

Q. Why did you decide to publish your books online?

I am of that in-between generation that grew up on print books, but has seen the publishing world change dramatically over the last five years. When I first thought about publishing books I didn’t think eBooks stood a chance, and now I find myself reading books on my Droid Kindle before I think about buying them. I also feel that having my books available online makes it easier for people all over the world to access them.

Q. What’s your writing routine – do you like music on or not, do you have a special environment, etc.?

I like to think about the perfect song for the scene I’m about to write, and then put that song on repeat until I’m done. I can’t even imagine writing without music. It would be like watching a movie without music—impossible.

Q. What are your plans for the future? Sequels, new books, new themes, etc. (especially after the next 2 books of the series)?

After I finish the fourth book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series, I am planning on doing another book with the artist in Montreal. It will sort of be a sequel to The Dentist and The Toothfairy. I am also planning on writing a short script and shooting the movie, hopefully in Poland, in 2013.

Q. Anything else you want to add?

Anyone that enjoys a good romance series will not be disappointed by Sex, Life, & Hannah.

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Amazon Initiative

Posted by on Jan 28, 2012 in Book News | 0 comments

Amazon Books

As I dive into the next round of edits for Book 3, the Summer Season, I need your help. Along with the new book is a whole new way of doing business for Sex, Life, & Hannah. I am no longer going to be wearing ten different hats. Mostly because I’ve learned a lot over the last six years about book publishing; what works and what doesn’t work, but also because I want to be able to focus on writing and getting the word out about the books, instead of printers, distribution, and shipping.

The launch of the third book in the SLH series is actually going to be the re-launch of the first two books as well through Amazon’s CreateSpace. This is going to make Sex, Life, & Hannah available globally, in print and digital format, and ease many of my day-to-day administrative woes.

What does all of this have to do with you helping me? As I start to carve out this new strategic relationship with Amazon I would love for you to post a review on the two Sex, Life, & Hannah books that are currently available on Amazon Kindle. How is this going to help me? It’s going to help boost Sex, Life, & Hannah in the search rankings on Amazon, hopefully boost my Kindle sales, and put me in a position where I can eventually become this girl and establish a publishing relationship with Amazon for future books.

Since 2007 many of you have emailed me your wonderful comments about Sex, Life, & Hannah, and I have tried to put them all up on my Praise page. It would mean so much to me if you could re-post these comments on Amazon. And if you’ve never commented, but always wanted to, or maybe never thought about it, please do! Many, many, thank yous.

Here are the links to my books on Amazon:

Sex, Life, & Hannah: Winter Season

Sex, Life, & Hannah: Spring Season

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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Book News | 2 comments


So…in case you didn’t notice, portions of the Sex, Life, & Hannah website kind of disappeared on Sunday and Monday. Yup, I got hacked.

Panic set it. Had I backed up any of the content that was missing? Probably not. And how long would it take for me to recreate about 15 pages worth of content…and all those links, and pictures, and videos?

The closer I got to my client’s office the more my brain started spinning with what-ifs. Even though it hadn’t appeared as though any of my blog posts had been deleted, what if the hackers weren’t done yet and were going to continue deleting the entire afternoon I was away from my computer. Restoring 15 pages: possible. Restoring nearly 400 blog posts: not possible. I almost turned around and called in sick.

A couple hours later, relief. Godaddy told me there were some options for restoring my database, and it would at most cost me $150. I signed up immediately.

Driving home later that day, I continued to contemplate the worst case scenario. What if, by slim chance, Godaddy wasn’t able to restore my site and I’d lost everything. I started thinking about my sister’s favorite quote: If anything leaves your life, it’s because it was useless and something better is on its way. I contemplated losing everything, and whether this would be a sign to immediately stop what I was doing; the blogging, posting, writing, twittering, and publishing.

“Would it really matter anyway?” I imploded on hubbie when I got home and checked Sex, Life, & Hannah, pages of content still missing, “who would really care?”

“Throwing a pity party doesn’t suit you,” he retorted.

“Why? Do you really think I know what I’m doing with all this stuff, and I’ve got it all figured out, and it’s working in mysterious ways that are just not quantifiable right now?” I believed in pushing for what you wanted, but I also believed in signs from the Universe.

“No, but you’re too upbeat and too hard-working to be throwing a pity party.” He turned the hot water of the shower on. “And what if you’re right, what if nobody cares. It wouldn’t change the fact that your writing is good, and your books are great, and you love doing this.”

He was right. My content was worth something. Maybe even a lot. And maybe I hadn’t quite figured it out just yet, but that was no reason to throw a pity party. Calmness and reason set in.

Back-up your content people.

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Indie Author Spotlight on SLH

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Book News | 0 comments

This hasn’t posted yet on The Indie Spotlight, but I thought you might enjoy reading the answers I just sent them to their questions.

Q. Author Bio:

Dorota Skrzypek is author of Sex, Life, & Hannah, a book series about romance gone to hell. Dorota was born in Poland, grew-up in Canada, and moved to Southern California in 1997. After many years of piloting airplanes, designing airports, exploring the world, and dating a swarm of eligible bachelors, she created the adventures of hannah – concept publishing to focus on writing fiction. Dorota resides in Los Angeles with her husband, writer and producer Scott Frazelle.

Q. Tell us about your book:

The Sex, Life, & Hannah book series is an exploration of the human heart; the things we desire and fear most, and Hannah is the telescope into our most intimate thoughts and emotions. What starts off as a basic girl loses boy and tries to find love again story, ends up winding us through the sordid details of the relationships that shape our lives. Will Hannah find The One? Will Jack ever stop philandering with both sexes and settle down? Will Ireland ever have a baby? Will Celeste ever give up her virginity? Sex, Life, & Hannah is a sexy shotgun blast of cocktails, cockteases, and revelations.

Q. How long did it take to write the book?

I had originally written one manuscript about Hannah’s adventures, which took about a year to write. Me and my editors ended up discarding quite a bit from that original manuscript, so it took about another half year to complete what became Sex, Life, & Hannah, Volume 1, Winter Season.

I took some of what was discarded in my original manuscript and wrote Sex, Life, & Hannah, Volume 2, Spring Season in about another half year. The third volume in the series, that I’m writing now, has been the most challenging, because I don’t have an old manuscript to pull from. The characters have taken on lives of their own, and I’ve had to shape stories around their pivotal moments rather than those that were originally mine.

Q. What inspired you to write the book?

The inspiration for the book series came from my adventures in and out of relationships, and the stories of my closest friends. I wanted to write something relatable; an honest dissection of what we were going through as women and men in our late twenties. And then Sex and the City came out as a TV series, and it proved to me that there was an audience for what I wanted to write and how I wanted to write.

Q. Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

I think the most important thing in the writing process is discipline. You have to set a time every day to write, whether you’re inspired or going through writer’s block. Without that discipline, you will never finish your book.

Also, what helps me write most is music. When I’m getting ready to write a scene I go through my music and pick the perfect song that captures the essence of what I’m trying to write, and then put it on repeat.

Research, even in fiction, is important, because you still need that flavor of believability, especially in my books where I often blend the real with the made up. Especially when I’m writing a scene that’s technical, like when Jack was telling Hannah about how men can have multiple orgasms, I had to do my research. I wouldn’t want someone trying something that’s physiologically impossible.

Q. What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

Most of us, as we get into our late twenties, and especially if we’re not where we want to be or getting what we want out of life, start to feel like we’re the only one. Like everyone else is living their dream and we’re struggling. What I hope people get out of reading my books is that sometimes you just can’t get what you want, and what you think you want is not necessarily what you need anyway. Just like that Rolling Stones song

Q. Where can we go to buy your book?

You can get access to all my ebooks for $8.99 on my website. You can also buy each book separately on Amazon Kindle.

Q. Any other links or info you’d like to share?

Everything you need is right here:

Q. Excerpt from book:

“It’s ten in the morning. I am sitting on my couch wondering how to spend my Sunday. Ben has already left.

I have decided that whatever Ben is doesn’t matter—rebound, relationship, one-month rendezvous, or one-week sex toy—it’s better than being alone.

No one wants to be alone, not even Jack; maybe that’s what having a rebound is really all about. Whether we’re motivated by obsession, depression, desperation, or deprivation, we want companionship…in the bathtub, on the phone, at dinner, or bent over the side of the bed, faking an orgasm.”

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