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April Must Have: Cleaning out your Closets and Coachella

Posted by on Apr 1, 2011 in Life and Style | 2 comments


me, coachella, 2003

I clean out my closet once if not a few times per year, but this last year I’ve been getting rid of stuff like never before. I went from over a hundred pairs of shoes/sandals/sneakers/boots to 43, my drawers are not overflowing, and I was actually able to give Hubbie extra hanging space. Purging, which I believe should also occur with nostalgia (do you really need old love notes from your ex?), habits (being a flake is not sexy), friends (if you’re the one always calling…), and lovers (if you’re experiencing more frustrations than orgasms), also provides this amazing emotional relief, which I will take any day of the week.

Are you ready to rid yourself of some baggage? If so, ask yourself these six questions, which can apply to more than just the items in your closet:

1. Do you love it?

2. Is it too fucked up to fix?

3. Have you done anything with it over the last year?

4. Do you have many multiples of it?

5. Does it fit?

6. Are you really going to alter it?

p.s. no, I’m not going to Coachella this year, but if you are, and want some ideas for what to wear, read Neekoh’s three part series starting here:

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The road not taken.

Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 in Life and Style | 0 comments


Friday night I went to Neil Strauss’s signing for his new book: Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead. The next day I started reading through the excerpts of rock interviews he’d chosen to make points about life. Like, drugs will kill you unless you find God (faith), all people talk about on their death bed are family and love, letting go of the past will set you free, and pursuing something you’re passionate about is more fulfilling than pursuing money.

It reminded me of how Neil and I parted ways, almost ten years ago now. I was filing his music, putting his portfolio together, as well as a few other odds ‘n ends. It was an in between job. Between getting laid off and getting on with a new consulting company. When I got word of a second interview. I was ecstatic, relieved, yet mildly torn. It was Grammy month, and Neil had asked me to help him out backstage with coverage–the weekend I was asked to fly to my second interview.

I tried to postpone my interview, I tried to figure out a way to fly red-eye, or crack-of-dawn early Monday morning, but there was no way my typical Libra finagling could make it work. And I couldn’t pass up the interview. I had been unemployed for five months, living out of boxes, on the good graces of a close friend, and the money Neil was paying me was survival money, not get-back-on-my-feet money, I needed a real job.

At the time it felt like the right thing to do. The thought of being a writer hadn’t occurred to me yet. What Neil was doing, interviewing bands like No Doubt and U2, for rags like Rolling Stone and the New York Times, and going to the Grammys, it was something the lucky few got to do, I needed to be responsible.

Today, sitting in front of my computer, sending out resumes, wondering when I’ll get a good response, trying to write, trying to market my books as an independent author, I wonder how different my life would’ve been if I’d gone to the Grammys instead. Were the Grammys my one shot of breaking out into something new, different, the writing world?

As I lament over this last night, Hubbie tells me it’s not a shot unless you realize it’s a shot, and maybe he’s right. If at the time I wasn’t pining to interview rock stars and get a foot in the writing world, maybe the only shot I missed was partying with some rock ‘n roll elite, or having sex with one of them, and I’ve been there done that… What if blowing off my interview meant more months of financial struggle, and eventually having to move back to Canada and back in with my parents when my only goals at the time were to stay in SOCAL, make money, buy a house, get married, have kids… I don’t do “struggle” well.

I like to believe we all have a destiny. That we end up making the decisions we make for a greater purpose. That we don’t really fuck things up or miss out on things as much as get closer to something bigger. And maybe the “bigger” has nothing to do with being a big celebrity. Maybe the “bigger” is being healthy and surrounded by people that love you, because the other “bigger” would lead to a completely sad demise. Or maybe it’s a “bigger” we haven’t even fathomed yet.

And if there isn’t such a thing as destiny, then let’s just chalk it up to: we make the best decisions we can with what we know at the time, and we need to keep moving forward; because nothing good comes from living in the past.

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My dream two nights ago.

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in Life and Style | 0 comments

me: had a crazy dream about you Maitland Valentine John Waters last night…

he: details!!!

he: wait. tigerblood crazy?

me: soon. yes.

me: I’m massaging your head, playing with your nipple rings…do you even have nipple rings?…and rubbing up against your back side, when two women walk in. one starts kissing you, and going on about how much she loves you, and how upset she is that you don’t love her back in the same way, the other says nothing, just unzips your pants and starts massaging…your other head. meanwhile I’m wondering how to get these two bitches out of the room so we can finish what we started…but then you have an orgasm, and it fucking goes everywhere. white splooge all over her, the other her, you, me, it starts to look like a bubble bath party…and wait…it is a bubble bath party, and we’re all naked, but you can only see the top half of us, reaching for one another, yet unable to grasp onto anything…and I wake up.

he: that wasn’t a dream.

me: shit. parallel universe…

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Simple Laws of Success

Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Life and Style | 0 comments

“You are an important person…you have talents and abilities no one else has…the power to do anything you can imagine is within you when you discover your real self by practicing a few simple laws of success…”- Will Powers

1. Take inventory of your assets. Write down every good thing about yourself you can think of.
2. Write a description of the person you’d like to be. Assume you can become anything you desire.
3. Concentrate on a mental image of the person you’d like to be. Constantly hold this visual in your mind’s eye.

Happy birthday @KlassyFucker.

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Downtown L.A.

Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in Life and Style |


Downtown L.A. opens itself up the 2nd Thursday of every month for Artwalk, which is where I was at yesterday into night. It’s definitely worth checking out. There’s AWESOME shopping, art, music on the streets, and great people watching. And if you’re a writer, like me, and need a good place to let your creative juices flow pre-festivities, I suggest my latest obsession: Syrup, and their Tropical Paradise smoothie. So good…


First in Venice, then DTLA, head fur is apparently in…by Spirit Hoods (


Vintage at


More vintage at


Relaxed Woman at


Earthquakes, tsunamis, we could all use a hug. Have a great weekend lovely people:)

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Are you ready for change?

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Life and Style | 2 comments

age of aquarius 2


Yesterday I got an email from a good friend that got me excited and thinking… He wrote:

Besides being Ash Wednesday, today is the day in which the Mayan calendar changes into its last cycle. This cycle will last 280 days–a nano-blip in comparison to the previous two cycles, which were 12 years and 244 years, respectively. Don’t be surprised to encounter some accelerated changes in your personal world similar to what is happening on the planet. The changes will be short, but intense.

Another way to put it is that our solar system is moving into The Aquarian Age. As the new age gets closer, psychic activity amongst us will increase and will only get stronger. This change of cycles is as normal as breathing. So, as you experience change, just relax and breath to align your personal experience to that of the worldly shifts with greater ease.

Listen to your intuition, beathe, and embrace the change:)

Thank you Hugh.

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