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April 2011 Playlist

Posted by on Apr 29, 2011 in LISTS | 0 comments


1. Painted by Numbers by The Sounds

2. Don’t Want to Know by John Martyn

3. Born this Way by Lady Gaga

4. Howlin’ for You by The Black Keys

5. The Voyeur by White Arrows

6. Nightlight by Little Dragon

7. If I was your Girlfriend by Prince

8. Second Song by TV on the Radio

9. Thou Shalt Always Kill by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

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RULES! Part 13.

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78. Older men hit on younger women, younger men hit on older women.

79. Pretty men are fun, smart men are an experience.

80. Brain sex can lead to really hot sex.

81. It doesn’t work without love. But love isn’t enough.

82. Sometimes a good cry is all you need to feel better.

83. We don’t all fit into a box.

84. If you’re obsessed with perfection, you have too much time on your hands.

85. Besides, the fun is not in finding perfection, the fun is in exploring variations.

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Feeling grateful.

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in LISTS | 1 comment


My blog, much like my diary, is a place where I often dump my frustrations, anxieties, or doubts. This is normal; no one becomes a hero without conquering. But sometimes you have to go in a different direction, and last night, at a 365 Hangers event at Camper Shoes, this awesome new friend of mine inspired me to do something I haven’t done in a while: write down things I am grateful for. So here goes…

1. My hubbie, for understanding me, even when I’m freaking out about life, or bringing up taboo subjects like having sex with other people.

2. My family, because even though they’ve pissed me off enough at times for me to consider running away and changing my name, I love them.

3. My friends, for caring enough to listen, opening my mind to new ideas, and making me laugh.

4. My creativity, without which, I would have never started writing books, or be continuing down this crazy path of trying to succeed as an author.

5. My health, because no amount of money, power, fame, or fortune could ever replace it.

p.s. thank you LAInspiration for being this happy, positive chick that inspires me to do better.

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Rules! Part 12.

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72. Dear Gents: While I applaud the brazen approach of passing out your hotel room card as a way to attract women to your band’s hotel room party, a bit of an intro might ensure you get more what you’re looking for: a) single, b) a prostitute, or c) someone who can overlook your bad teeth just because you’re a rock star.

?73. I do however, also applaud that you are confident enough in your masculinity to pile it on. Gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, fake, real…apparently you can’t have on too many accessories. Whether you’re a girl, or rock star.

74. But “I don’t date” means: “I’m not interested in dating you”. Let’s move on.

75. And really, three months later, if I’m not memorable enough for you to remember me, and if you’re not memorable enough for me to want to remember you, we shouldn’t be friends on Facebook either to try to remember.

76. Read instructions. That’s all I’m saying. Just read the instructions first. So that you don’t spend six hours putting together a video submission for a Reality TV show, only to realize you did it wrong. And then you re-tape, and realize it only took you ten minutes to do it right.

77. Uncensored is scary, but good.

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March 2011 Playlist

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I’ve been really fortunate to have met many great music selectors in my time: Hugh Herrera, DJ Harvey, Dex, Maitland Waters, Tony Watson, several from the KCRW crew, and a few others I’m not omitting on purpose, just trying to keep the list shorter rather than longer. Because of these folks my ears continue to experience magic, my fingers continue to type, my brain continues to be inspired, my body continues to dance. Thank you.

1. Starchild by Jamirquai

2. Wilhelm Scream by James Blake

3. I Don’t Know by Suicide Sports Club

4. Helena Beat by Foster the People

5. Adventures In Success by Will Powers

6. Don’t fucking tell me what to do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix) by Robyn

7. Forever More by Moloko

8. Sing It Back (Acoustic) by Moloko

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Men I’d Like to Fuck Part 3.

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Last night I had a dream involving David Duchovny. I was laying on a big white circular bed in a big white room and he walked in; stopped when the crotch of his pants was at the top of my head, and stood above me for a moment. Then he leaned down for one of those kisses…you know, one of those kisses where you’re both upside down from one another…maybe you’re getting ready to slide into a 69… And then his mouth left mine and lingered on my chest for a while, and then he started to make his way down, and all I wanted to do was pry open his pants, but instead I said, “you can’t, I’m about to get my period.”

And then I woke up thinking: What the fuck? When has that stopped me before? And I wasn’t even on my period, I was about to get it? If parallel universes truly exist, I think I fucked that one up.

This is what happens when you do one too many Californication marathons.

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