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I’d like to say I blame my fascination with this question on Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, but more accurately, I blame Clark and Chopper’s fascination with those two bitches since they’re the ones with the TV and I’m completely at their mercy… For a month now we’ve been gathering ’round the TiVo Wednesday night, and I have to listen to how Clark thinks Scott’s gay, how Chopper thinks he could do so much more with their hair, and how Deirdra’s new goal in life is to poison their stylist so she can take over. OMG! The whole thing is like a car wreck, you can’t help but slow down and look.

This Wednesday I finally thought I was going to get something more out of it. I thought Kourtney was going to beat Scott to the punch and reveal she was gay by getting down with a girl. From last week’s preview snips I could tell however that Scott was not going to cry in a corner about the revelation, but be into it. Because most guys are. And that, is really how this whole thing started.

When Mr. Smyth and I were still “dating” I remember him asking me once: What if we went to Vegas and got a little crazy…and met a girl we both liked. I thought the question was a test of my committment to him, so I told him I wasn’t really into that kinda stuff. Silly me. It was a red flag of things to come. The guy was more interested in garnering sex stories for his new book than a new relationship. But I digress…

If I were to more accurately answer that question for Mr. Smyth I would probably say: That’s not the kind of stuff you should be dabbling in if you’re serious about someone and in a committed, monogomous relationship. It looks like 67% of you agree with me. Cheating is cheating, regardless if it’s with someone of the same sex. Would you say to your guy: It’s OK if you want to play around, as long as it’s with a GUY?

Why is there such a double standard when it comes to girl-on-girl action? Mr. Smyth isn’t the first one to throw this at me. The Ex was the same way. “Baby, let’s go hook it up with another girl tonight…” he said to me one night as we were heading out to the opening of some club, at which point I turned to him and said, “baby, let’s go hook it up with another guy tonight…” And that basically brought the conversation to a screeching halt. Though I was kinda pissed the rest of the night. Basically what he, like so many men, was saying is this: It’s perfectly fine for us (me) to live out our (my) dirty-two-girl-threesome fantasy, but if you want a threesome with two guys, you’re a dirty whore, and I’m not gay, and it’s so fucked up for you to even bring that up!

As it turns out, Kourtney Kardashian is bi-curious at best, and Scott was kidding around. Maybe. And I got a lot of comments on my Facebook page that alluded to: It depends on your relationships rules. Me personally, unless you’ve established that your relationship is open to whatever either of your libidos desire, cheating is cheating and double-standards are lame.