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From Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Summer Season (CHAPTER 20: DINNER AT A STRIP CLUB)

“Jack!” I twist open the gas cap. “Phillip, the new head of our company, my new boss—the man I’m also having sex with—he’s back in town and wants to spend Fourth of July with me, and now I have another man’s initials tattooed on my ass!”

Jack laughs. And laughs. And laughs. I press Regular Unleaded and remind him several times that this isn’t funny.

“You must have been really drunk, or high, or both, Miss I-Would-Never-Purposely-Scar-My-Body-For-Life.” His voice is muffled, like he’s brushing his teeth. “And you’d better not have gotten The Ex’s initials tattooed on your ass—”

“Of course not!” I start pumping gas. “Christian Knight is back in town.”

Jack laughs. And laughs. And laughs. I hear him turn the water on. “The other man. What an apropos ending.”

Jack always thought that my affair with Christian was the best thing I’d ever done. But that’s because he didn’t think I’d ever really end up with The Ex. The entire year I was with Christian, I’d whine about how confused I was; but Jack would just keep telling me I was finally taking control of my womanhood and my sexuality. He told me that suppressing my desires was only going to leave me a bitter housewife, unsure if she’d ended up with the right man. According to Jack, there were a lot of things you needed to do before you got married, and they all started with the adverb “more.” I told Jack he just didn’t believe in monogamy or marriage. He didn’t disagree, but he still liked the idea of Christian.

I liked the idea of Christian too. Then again, what girl doesn’t like the idea of dating an Ethan Hunt type? It’s sexy—except for the lonely nights, weeks without contact, and constant changing of plans. This is why as much as I wanted Christian to whisk me away to a better life, I had a hard time believing it would ever happen. Until last night.

“He introduced me to his mom!” I walk over and grab the squeegee. “And then we had sex in a peep-show booth, and he told me he loved me, which he’s never said before, so when we walked by a tattoo parlor, I said, ‘Prove it!’”

Jack stops swishing. “Oh my god! You are such a sucker for the ‘L’ word.” He spits again. “But at least you’re getting more adventurous. What kinda porn does he like to have sex to?”

“The straight kind. Jack, what should I do? Should I remove it?” Part of me wishes I could remove it as easily as I’m removing the bird shit from my windshield right now.

“You know what you should do? Enjoy yourself. Your boss is not your boyfriend and neither is Christian. And you should keep it that way! Learn from your mistakes, Hannah. Keep things casual, be single for more than a day, and stop jumping into love so much.”

I know Jack is right. I put the squeegee back and replace the nozzle.

To Be Continued…

Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek.
Copyright 2012 by Dorota Skrzypek.
ISBN 0-9768869-2-1
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