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PeeWee: Taking a mistress vs. a lover.

Me: What’s the difference Alex?

PeeWee: I think you have to be more committed to a mistress.

Me: The less committment the better, especially if you’re married, hence, the one night stand.

PeeWee: I miss having a fuck buddy. No strings.

Me: I think even fuck buddies are too much committment, unless you’re both married.

PeeWee: She’s happily married.

Me: So she doesn’t want indiscretions.

PeeWee: Only cyberfucking.

Me: And cyberfucking is not really cheating…?

PeeWee: It get’s boring after a while.

Me: I would say quickly.

PeeWee: Women want to be seduced and undressed slowly…cyberfucking is good for that.

Me: But at some point we just want to fuck.

PeeWee: Of course. But at times it feels like parting the Red Sea to get those legs to part.

Me: Unless we really want to fuck you.