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1. Hurry on Now by Alice Russell. Sexy, soulful, blues.

2. New Fang by Them Crooked Vultures. A tortured artist walks into a dive bar…

3. Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics. I love it when it rains in L.A.

4. After the Rain by Little Dragon (Trackademicks Remix). Sometimes, after the rain, your life is never the same.

5. Gave It Up by Pollyn. You broke up with me. And I don’t need your help climbing out of the rubble.

6. Stop Me (feat. Daniel Merriweather) by The Smiths (Mark Ronson Version). I love you! Only slightly less than I used to. You just keep me hangin’ on.

7. It’s a Wonderful World by Frank Sinatra. The perfect song for merry merry holiday-ing.

8. Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb. Remember when you used to look up at all the fluffly clouds when you were young?