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At the age of 35 there are a few things I have come to realize. Like the fact that when I have money I like to spend it, not save it (hence, no more credit cards). Denying myself things is not one of my strengths, because even if those things only bring a short thrill, I believe in having as many thrills as possible in life. Ala, when I walked into Telltale Vintage a couple weeks ago to return a shirt, I walked out with two others, and…this fabulous, locally made, leather cuff by Girl on a Motorcycle.

I’ve also realized that life takes a lot of courage. People will try to bring you down, love will try to break you, and loss will make you doubt yourself. And this will happen over, and over, again. It takes a lot of courage to keep going and not check out, stay strong, continue to believe in yourself, and everything you’re working towards.

This December, remember that there are 55 different words for courage, and that a small purchase at a local vintage store may give you just enough of a thrill to believe in yourself again.