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Miguel Ases $325

The holiday parties are in full swing, and if you’re like me, you’re looking at your wardrobe wondering what to wear…

I want to throw out a new perspective on this year’s holiday fashion deliberations: accessorize. There is no better way to spruce up a tired outfit than with a new pair of statement earrings. You might be surprised how far a little bead, feather, or mad coin will go…and if you get the right pair, you won’t even need a necklace.

Last weekend, when faced with back-to-back parties, I grabbed some oldies but goodies out of the closet, and then ran to a few of my favorite local boutiques to find a quintessential piece that would pull it all together and give me a fresh look. I wanted something that would distract from an outfit I thought my fellow holiday partiers may have seen before.



Chandelier earrings are very in, and very bold. So is turquoise, but if you don’t want the hefty pricetag of Miguel Ases attached, I suggest going with a local designer.

I happened to stumble upon Lokeiluxe. From what I can tell, most of her earrings are in the $40 to $60 price range, and she also does custom, to fulfill your every fancy. I went with a pair that were long and dangly, with a metal mesh leaf and beads attached (both very “in” right now); but, if I had seen the feather ones at the boutique I was at, I would have gone with those. Feathers are light and dramatic, and perfect if you end up at a disco dancing your butt off.


Rachel Abroms Studio $95

Another local designer that I love is Rachel Abroms.

Her stuff is modern, she uses big stones, and even leather. Her “mad coin” collection is totally hot; hammered links and charmed discs allow you to double or triple up on your earrings for a truly heavy metal look. Everytime I wear any of her trinkets I get huge compliments, which means people are definitely paying more attention to my jewels than my outfit.

This holiday season, let’s recycle and take out those classics we’ve held onto for years, and bedazzle them with some big earrings–and maybe even big hair:)