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The first thing I want to say is: have no fear, a draft of the SLH Spring Season is complete. That’s right, the next nine chapters (10 through 18) are on my computer itching to be released for everyone’s reading pleasure. But first, the editing…

I handed the manuscript to my editors a few weeks back, and both after reading it said “Hannah’s a lot darker and more introspective this season”. I furrowed my brow and said “Dark? I was going for a little less optimistic”. So we have some work to do, but that’s why editors are worth their weight in gold.

It’s true however, that Hannah has changed. In the winter season, we were introduced to Hannah as her heart was getting completely crushed by The Ex, yet, amidst all her erratic misery she still believed in love. Her quick re-bound with Ben (though not the most fulfilling) put a band-aid on her emotional aches, and then conveniently she met Mr. Smyth who proved to her that a romantic life after The Ex was possible. Though she was still burdened by the what-ifs and why’s of her failed relationship she ultimately believed she would find true love, that love conquers all, and that her and The Ex still had a chance.

The SLH Spring Season depicts Hannah’s fall from grace. At every ray of light she seems to hit a wall and that starts to make our little heroine a little jaded. Her run-in with The Ex is more about icing her nose than melting her heart, she seems to be making all the wrong decisions about all the right men, and Mr. Smyth turns out to be an alias for the tall, dark, and sophisticated older man she thought he was. The unexpected twists would drive any woman to the opposite side of “nice girl”, which is exactly what happens to Hannah. But dark? I don’t know, this isn’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maybe I need to add a little more Jack…

So we are editing and a little behind schedule, but that’s OK, that just means the product will be that much better. What was supposed to be an April ’09 release has now been pushed to…and although this might mean you will be reading about Hannah’s Spring in your Fall, or Winter, who doesn’t wish they could turn back the clock.

Stay tuned for more updates.