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From Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Summer Season (CHAPTER 27: SWINGING BOTH WAYS)

“Hannah, you know I love you!” Clark breaks into a bright smile.

“Oh god, you do!” Chopper yells out.

I pray Clark doesn’t say something that’s going to annihilate my wedding plans.

“And as much as it pains me to see you betrothed to another”—Clark raises his glass to Christian, spilling red wine all over the roast—“I’ve decided I like him.” Christian tips his head to Clark.

But then…

“I like him so much better than what’s-his-name,” Clark goes on, “and that writer you were having relations with for a while,” and on, “and our old roommate, Ben, who was way too young for you” and on, “and I definitely did not approve of the affair you were having with your boss.” And on.

Christian puts his arm around me and squeezes. “And no explosions from all that?”

I say nothing, and Christian prods Clark on.

“I even like him better than that gorgeous doctor you couldn’t stop going on about after he wouldn’t take you back.”

I feel Christian give me a tighter squeeze.

“You know why I like him better?” Clark takes another sip of wine. “Because when I asked him why he wanted to marry you…” Clark pauses dramatically. “He told me he wanted to grow old with you.”

The table claps, and then Jackie lifts her wine glass and stands. “I want to make a toast, too.” She clears her raspy voice. “I always thought my baby would follow in my footsteps; that he’d take over the family business and end up with one of my wonderful girls.”

Jackie allows Clark to pour her more wine. “But when that one floozy you hooked up with, whom I trusted to manage my bar, left you at the altar…”

I feel Christian’s grip around my shoulders loosen.

Did she just say “altar”?

Jackie takes a large swig of her wine. “Six months pregnant and all.”

Christian’s hand drops.

“I realized he needed someone more…responsible. Like you, Hannah.” As Jackie lifts her wine glass toward me, I can still only concentrate on altar and pregnant.

“Hannah,” she goes on, “after everything that Christian’s been through, professionally and personally, he’s never stopped talking about you. So I gotta believe he’s going after his destiny.”

The table once again erupts in loud applause.

I wrap my fingers around my wine glass and lift it to my lips. Slowly. Because it feels heavy. Christian looks at me uncomfortably. I take a sip.

I tell Christian that I think I’ve just exploded.

To Be Continued…

Sex, Life, & Hannah::Volume 3, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek.
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ISBN 0-9768869-2-1
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