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I’ve been asked to fill out an application form to be on a reality TV show about love. Here is my answer to the question: Do I, can I, should anyone believe in love?

Love? Oh it’s out there and very real. Scary real. Love takes control of your body and your mind and makes you think crazy thoughts, like: I hope he accidentally knocks me up. And when he doesn’t, it makes you do crazy things…like get married. There’s no logic, there’s just passion, and lust. And there’s a real biology behind the whole love thing; it’s not just a figment of our imagination. Nature wants us to fall in love; wants us to keep propagating the species, that’s why falling in love, and being in love, gives us a dopamine fix straight to where it counts the most. There are other chemicals involved too, but it’s the love dope that keeps us intrigued, wanting more, and seeking out that penis thrill ride over and over again.

You know that song “The Thrill is Gone”? That’s the part of love they never prepare you for. When you fall in love, you feel like you hit the fucking jackpot. You get along so well, have so much fun together, like the same things, and the sex…omg…you’re fucking like rabbits, experiencing multiple orgasms, and you really do think: holy shit, I finally found him, this is it, ‘til death do us part. So you say the vows, and even though they scare the shit out of you, you believe in them. You believe in the “us”. Until something changes, or doesn’t change the way you think it should, and suddenly you find yourself more frustrated than in love. All that passion, all that dopamine, suddenly gone, with a snap of a finger, except you can’t really put your finger on any one thing that made it stop.

So yes, love is real. But it can also be a lot of work, and it doesn’t necessarily last forever. It changes over time, and you hope the reasons to stay together outnumber the reasons to not, but there are no guarantees.