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Jerome! I am alive and I love Lila! I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your first voicemail last week. I was in Edmonton working on you-know-who’s sugar sculpture book. And now, I’m in Vegas celebrating hubbie’s b-day.

Lila is, of course, different than I imagined. But this is one of my favorite parts of working with you. I never know how you will interpret my words and thoughts, but I am never disappointed. I especially looooovvvveeee the whips in her hair:) I can’t believe you can make such bitchin’ art in a day.

I’m going to keep this short, because hubbie’s waking up from his nap, and we’re off to the Foundation room for dinner tonight, and I have to finish blow-drying my underwear (long story). But… as I mentioned on the phone to you just minutes ago, Lila is a little girl for the first part of the story. As you said, there are a lot of ways we can handle this, but I really love your idea of getting pics from our Lila model from when she was a kid; age 10 or 11 would be perfect.

Is this possible?

Can’t wait to get you the story! xoxoxooxoxox, D:)