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Last weekend, when I wrote: The editor is reading the first draft of the Sex, Life, & Hannah Summer Season, it ended up being a half truth. I had printed out the first five chapters for him, and was about to print out the last four, when I started reading through them and thought, “Damn it, I need to change this…and that.” So I got into editing mode, which is never good when you’re just trying to get a first draft out the door, and by the time my editor yelled out for the last four chapters, we realized it was time to leave for the pool party.

This book, like neither the previous two, has brought me many creative challenges. As we drove to the pool party, I explained it to my editor like this: I used a lot from my original manuscript, the one I had written back in 2004, to create the SLH winter and spring season books. Those books were really a study in fictionalizing certain non-fiction events that had occurred in my life, which came rather easily for me. The summer season however, has been almost a complete departure; a true fictional account of what happens to the characters after the spring season.

The difficulty in finishing this book, which I started a year ago, has made me doubt myself as a real writer. “Maybe I should stick to journaling and blogging, because it comes naturally to me,” I said to my editor (a.k.a. hubbie) as we rolled up the windows and decided to turn the AC on because we were getting deep in the valley.

“The fact that you’re striving for something greater, and questioning yourself as a writer means you’re a real writer.”

Coming from a writer that had shaped his story-telling abilities in writing programs at Riverside and USC, I felt better.

The editing continues this weekend, because I really want to get this book done before we leave for Europe.