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Not sure about the designer, but this lady was born for the corset:)

A darn nice-looking corset.

Need I say more? Yes, it helps if you have a nice set of boobies, but a corset that can be worn as both a sexy underthing and a top can be the perfect accent to an outfit. I’m not saying it’s the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear (unless you buy one with some stretch); but, it will always sauce up your favorite pair of jeans.

Feminine yet feisty, and at one time the primary means of support for a woman, the corset has experienced periodic fashion revivals since being replaced by the bra. Christian Dior in the 1950′s, Madonna in the 1980s, and Moulin Rouge in 2001 all helped re-inspire woman into the waist cinchers. For me, it was Halloween of ’09. I was dressing up as a super hero and you can’t do the look justice without hyper-accentuating all your womanly features.


Fredericks $58

My hunt for the perfect corset was not an easy one. Victoria’s Secret does not carry sexy corsets–surprising, yet true. Their corsets are practical, like granny panties. Trashy Lingerie has plenty of corsets to choose from, but none under $200. I’m not saying corsets are cheap or should be, but if you’re a beginner like me, I suggest Fredericks of Hollywood.

An investment between $25 and $60 will give you a lot to choose from. Like the pin-striped ditty on the left called the “Menswear Corset”. Did you know that in the early 1800′s men wore corsets too? It was a short-lived trend…

And while perusing the wonderful world of corsets on the world wide web this evening I stumbled upon Inge, a designer that will make for you by hand a corset to your specific measurements for $130. And not just any corset; one that will have you looking down the rabbit hole. For when you go see the remake of Alice in Wonderland in theatres March 5th.

NightBird Designs $130

NightBird Designs $130