I had always been told that by the time you reached your late twenties you were going to have it all figured out: what you wanted to do with your life, what you wanted to look like, where you wanted to live, and who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Instead things seemed more blurred and complicated than in high school.

I spot my reflection in the glass in my door and see…the huge hickey on the right side of my neck. I shake my head and crouch down. The Ex was gone, Mr. Smyth was getting complicated, and I had taken Ben for granted—again. I touch the cracked green leaves of the lone plant on my doorstep; it’s dying.

I realize I’m suddenly turning into something I’ve never been: emotionally careless, selfish…easy. And it isn’t making me feel like a Chicago suburb legend.

- Sex, Life, & Hannah Chapter 14

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These were the temptresses who lived in the dark forests. There they ran the factories that produced all the tools required by the various practitioners of the land. The temptresses were seducers of minds who created anything by wielding their amorous powers over men and women. Their enchanting aura lured lost soles into the depths of the overbearing trees, where they cast spells with their captivating eyes and poetic tongues. These spells could only be broken when their quarries’ tasks were deemed complete.

The Dentist sat back to enjoy the show. One of the temptresses began to slowly curl her body in front of him. For a moment The Dentist allowed his eyes to escape past her, where he saw a shadow. But it wasn’t the temptress’s shadow. Instead, it was the shadow of a cloaked figure.

-The Dentist and The Toothfairy

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