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My blog, much like my diary, is a place where I often dump my frustrations, anxieties, or doubts. This is normal; no one becomes a hero without conquering. But sometimes you have to go in a different direction, and last night, at a 365 Hangers event at Camper Shoes, this awesome new friend of mine inspired me to do something I haven’t done in a while: write down things I am grateful for. So here goes…

1. My hubbie, for understanding me, even when I’m freaking out about life, or bringing up taboo subjects like having sex with other people.

2. My family, because even though they’ve pissed me off enough at times for me to consider running away and changing my name, I love them.

3. My friends, for caring enough to listen, opening my mind to new ideas, and making me laugh.

4. My creativity, without which, I would have never started writing books, or be continuing down this crazy path of trying to succeed as an author.

5. My health, because no amount of money, power, fame, or fortune could ever replace it.

p.s. thank you LAInspiration for being this happy, positive chick that inspires me to do better.