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I started out life as a raging little feminist. I have no idea why, but things like separate lines for boys and girls pissed me off so much I was sent to the principal’s office in second grade for refusing to get out of the boy’s recess line. The following year, I yelled at my dad for not allowing me to take my shirt off at the playground when all the boys got to, and did it anyway. He sighed, shook his head, and went back to reading his book. And when I was fourteen I didn’t speak to my uncle for the six months he was staying with us because right when he moved in he made the statement that girls were not the same as boys. And we’re not…but I was always taking statements like that to mean the extreme. You would have thought I would end up a bull dike, but on the contrary, I ended up boy crazy. I wanted to be equal to them, as well as kiss them, date them, and seduce them.

What wasn’t surprising is I ended up in a very male dominated industry: aviation. First as a pilot, then airport planner. I enjoyed being in the old boys club; drinking whiskey on the rocks, smoking cigars, cursing, frequenting strip clubs, and subscribing to Esquire. And it was really easy getting laid when you were the only girl in the boy’s club…I actually thought it a great strategy for years, until I got fired.

The last six years have been a time of transformation for me. From left brain to right brain, corporate world to working at home, from spending most of my time with men to having girl friends, and learning that being feminine is just as powerful as being a feminist.

These awesome pics of me, being a girl, are taken by pro photographer Jake Narcisco. My hair was done by Gercy Galang of Gorgeous Salon in San Diego, my make-up by Aileen Nham, and this super fun photo shoot was organized by one of my awesome new girlfriends Karen of You rock ladies!!!

To see Jake’s work on flickr go here: