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Happy Friday lovely people! As some of you know, I had my 3rd all-girl book club meeting at the Standard Hotel pool in Hollywood. Huge thank you to all the girls that came out, supported, and helped me celebrate the final weekend of my birthday celebration. Thank you to the lovely Sasha Jones of LAInspiration and SK ( that came out to take pictures. And thank you to Clare de Lune of Sinning in LA who was wonderful enough to cover the event. Here is what she wrote:

Saturday morning and menacing grey clouds, pregnant with rain, hang over Los Angeles. It definitely creates a worrisome atmosphere, but that all dissipates as the clouds drift away and a bright blue sky emerges.

It’s turned into a great day for a pool party.

It’s also a great day to lounge, engage in a little girl talk, sip cocktails, and listen to Dorota Skrzypek, author of “Sex, Life & Hannah” read juicy excerpts from her books. In an intimate setting, we gathered around the Standard West Hollywood’s shimmery poolside and hung on Dorota’s every word as she wove titillating tales of sex shop sprees, double penetration shenanigans, and many other sexy adventures.

Dorota is enjoying an extended celebration of her birthday. As she reads, the group marvels at her incredibly cute outfit: a loose-fitting army green cropped shirt that compliments her skin tone paired with unique, trendy shorts courtesy of Taylrz Joynt Boutique in Sherman Oaks. Dorota reads excerpts with poise, flow and confidence. It’s almost as if she’s reading from her own journal.

“Sex, Life & Hannah” chronicles the life of Hannah as she gets over her douchebag of an ex-boyfriend. These scandalous, spicy little stories are much more personable, brilliant and compelling compared to anything you have ever seen on “Sex in the City.” Look into the mind of a single woman who hits up L.A. nightlife. Glimpse into her mind as risqué discussions with her friend Jack blossom into mile-high airplane escapades. Laugh your ass off as you read about the saintly musings of Hannah’s virginal friend Celeste.

Who really goes on all these adventures? Is Hannah truly a fictional character? Did the author go on these escapades, or were they hearsay?

When I asked Dorota about this, she admitted, “I am Hannah. That’s right, I have had all that sex with all those men, and my BFF really is a sexual strategist that sleeps with…whatever he fancies. There are many elements of fiction in the book series of course; I did not set out to write a memoir. But I always have, and continue to use my journal entries for inspiration.”

You know what they say: you write about what you know, and Dorota has a lot of insight on the dating and relationship jungle of Los Angeles. However, she notes that dates are easy to find, while relationships are not.

“I don’t think it’s difficult to date in LA. There are so many events, parties, and places to hang out at every night of the week; meeting someone, getting a number, going on a date, getting laid–pretty easy. I think the difficulty lies in finding someone that will commit to having a relationship with you. This town is full of hustlers trying to make their dreams come true. Whether it’s being the next hot designer, producer, athlete, real estate developer, writer, it’s a very self-indulgent city, so finding a mate becomes secondary, and getting distracted is really easy.”

But Dorota isn’t a self-indulgent person: not only has she welcomed us to celebrate her birthday during this book reading, she’s also raising money for the Busted Foundation.

“I want people to know that when they buy a Sex, Life, & Hannah book, or membership, or product they’re supporting something bigger than just my personal dream. Bowling for Boobies® is Busted Foundation’s annual charity bowling tournament. Busted Foundation provides monetary assistance to women fighting and living with breast cancer. $2 from every Sex, Life, & Hannah purchase supports Busted Foundation,” she explains.

“Much like Hannah, we’re saving the world two boobs at a time,” says Stefanie LaHart of the Busted Foundation. “Bowling for Boobies raises money for women so they can pay their bills.”

The organization is an annual fundraiser that provides financial assistance for local women who are facing financial challenges as a result of living with breast cancer. Ready to throw on your bowling shoes and strike it big? You don’t necessarily have to be the world’s best bowler to participate. Have fun, raise money and bowl on Sunday, October 24th from 5pm-10pm at Jillian’s on Universal CityWalk.

Be on the lookout for the third in the “Sex, Life & Hannah” series. Dorota was kind enough to give us some upcoming dirt.

“Celeste kisses a boy, Ireland has a threesome, Holly gets arrested, Jack falls in love, and Hannah gets engaged,” Dorota explains.

The all-girls gala carries on into the sweltering late-summer afternoon. I’m thankful for this as I provide sex toy recommendations and engage in girly gossip about shopping, working out, and husbands and boyfriends and the whole credit card rite of passage.

It was good to get in a little girl time, but you can easily escape into Hannah’s escapades yourself for only $8.99. A membership to Hannah’s book club lets you read all the books on your laptop or mobile, and since it’s a one-time fee, it’s a hell of a deal.

Whether you’re poolside with your favorite cocktail or need a devilish distraction from work, you can follow Hannah’s luscious nightlife adventures as well as her fully relatable heartbreaks.

There’s still a little bit of this hot Indian summer left, so grab a drink, settle in, and log on to to download the e-books and get all of Hannah’s juicy details.

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