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This past weekend, in Vegas, for a friend’s wedding, I demanded sex on my period, twice. Because bad timing is when you haven’t had sex with hubbie for like two weeks, and right as you’re about to go on a little vacay, you get your period.

Sex on my period never used to bother me. But somewhere into year three of being together with hubbie I got particular, or lazy. “We can do it, when it’s less messy,” I started saying because the fear of never getting another shot, was gone. Commitment is a great thing, but it can also be a passion killer.

When you’re dating, not living together, don’t always know where someone is, there’s this fear, at times big, at times small, but always present, that you may never get to see them again. This fear typically drives you to drink, but it also drives your libido to do things you thought you would only see in adult movies. You don’t want him to lose interest, you want him to remember that thing you do so well, he hasn’t said the “L” word yet, after all…

Actually hubbie said the “L” word pretty early on in our relationship; within six months of dating, if I remember correctly. And it was not a dirty sex killer. It actually upped the ante, the desire to have him more, be even more memorable, because I was still traveling a lot, and we were still living in different cities. That secure feeling of ‘til-death-do-us-part commitment was still years away.

“I want you to come inside of me.” I said, riding him slowly, still preferring not to spill on the white towel I had thrown down shortly after demanding sex. But slow was good; slow built pressure.

The passion was different, and I confess, I started fantasizing at moments that I was with the guy I’d been talking to at the pool instead…but his dick still fit right, still knew how to hit the right spots, and the idea of him coming inside of me…excited me enough to come.

p.s. The Palms is alright, but Palms Place is WAY better. Less ghetto, better pool, and this $40 brunch at Simons that lets you eat whatever you want between 9AM and 4PM. And for an extra $10, you get to fill you cup with Bloody Marys all day. The way it should be in Vegas.