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Dear Dr. Sex, what’s the deal with multiple orgasms? Are they really possible for women and men? If so, how? And are they worth it?

Dear Hannah, that’s quite the loaded question, and the short answer is: read and learn, and yes.

Multiple orgasms (or serial orgasms), are a series of orgasms experienced in one sexual encounter. The folks in the Far East have known about this for centuries, and luckily, it’s made its way to LA. Now let me teach you a little about this ancient art of lovemaking that the Taoists and your sexually adventurous BFF Jack enjoy.

For men, we’re at a slight disadvantage because we have this pesky arousal stage called resolution, which is a guy’s refractory period after ejaculation (women often refer to this as snoring). But, men can work around the refractory period by learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation. There is a difference, and if you become skilled at recognizing it, you too will be able to strap yourself in for a wild series of orgasms, ending with one great big ejaculation—yeehaw!

[private_SLH Book Club]The best way to go from mono to multiple is by masturbation. Start stroking, and right before your volcano is about to erupt squeeze and tighten your pubococcygeus muscles (better known as “PC”). Squeeze and squeeze, like you’re trying to save the people of Pompeii from Mt. Vesuvius’ fate. You’re guaranteed to misfire a few rounds, but eventually, you’ll learn how to control your ejaculation. Warning: this can take months (and an awful lot of soft soaps, hand sanitizers, or Crisco), but if you’re disciplined, you’ll reap the benefits: you’ll last longer, you’ll have better control, and you might even get her to call you back.

Women don’t have a refractory period so you are tailor made for multiple orgasms. You too must work to strengthen your PCs. I recommend kegel exercises every time you’re stuck in traffic. It’ll help you in the bedroom, and it’ll help your road rage. Knowing your body, arousal, and stimulation patterns are equally vital. Most women feel extra sensitive after an orgasm (I’ve personally seen a woman look at a teddy bear and burst into tears), sometimes touching genitals becomes uncomfortable, even painful. But shortly thereafter is your window of opportunity. Usually between 30 seconds and three minutes after your “O”, begin stimulating again. Once you get past the extreme sensations, and the mental block of wondering what possessed him to use spray-on tan, you’ll find the next orgasms will come faster and more powerful than the last ones.

Training yourself to last longer (guys) or experiencing increased orgasmic pleasure (ladies) is a good thing. Use your imagination. For more details, read Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s books: “The Multi-Orgasmic Man”, and “The Multi-Orgasmic Woman” to send you to new heights of sexual ecstasy and pleasure.

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