Pulp and Prejudice Book Signing

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This is going to be a cool event. First of all, I have not done a book signing in quite a while. 2012 to be exact. And it’s probably time to come out of hiding. Secondly, I really enjoy one-woman shows, and this Jane Morris chick…she’s got quite the acting, writing, and directing chops. One-woman shows are fiercely emotional and full of life’s little truths, and this one happens to be about romance–in books, movies, and life. How awesome is that? Why don’t you come down on Sunday and find out. I will be...

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Celebrate Chick Lit Month with a FREE Book

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May is International Chick Lit Month and to celebrate this genre that’s near and dear to my heart I decided to give all those that aren’t yet, an opportunity to get hooked on my chick lit series: Sex, Life, & Hannah. Starting Sunday (May 31st) through June 4 you can get the first book in my chick lit series for FREE on Amazon Kindle. Sex, Life, & Hannah is a humorous tale about one woman’s insistent quest to find The One after her boyfriend of 5 and 1/2 years dumps her on New Year’s Eve. Surrounded by a cast of...

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Hannah at The LATimes Bookfest 2015

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Hello lovers, Just a quick note about this year’s LA Times Festival of Books, otherwise known as #Bookfest, especially if you’re on Twitter. I will be there along with my fellow LA and OC Romance Authors supporting the most popular genre of books. Booth 916 is going to be filled with romance authors telling you about their latest books, signing their books, information about the LA and OC chapters of the Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) for all you aspiring romance writers, two HUGE giveaway baskets,  and lotsa free schwag,...

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SLH Autumn Season Coming October 2015

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It’s true. While I wait for a few things to shake out with The Need, I am moving forward with bringing you the last book in my chick lit series. Yup, I said it: LAST BOOK. Aren’t you dying to know how it’s going to end?! I am. Stay tuned, lovers....

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Happy Holidays!

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Another year is winding down and while it’s been sobering and challenging in many ways, there has been forward momentum and much to be grateful for. I finally got The Need done. I finally got an agent. I got to spend a month in Europe, exploring, visiting family I hadn’t seen in too long, and writing. I was healthy. I was loved. And I finally started work on the fourth and final book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series. You can’t always get what you want, but hopefully every year you get a little something that you need....

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Life since July

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A lot has happened since I wrote my last post, and specifically since July. There was of course my first Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) Conference in San Antonio, Texas, where I wowed several agents and editors into considering The Need for acquisition, got to hang out with some very cool authors like Shoshanna Evers, and yes, I saw the Alamo. I also noticed on the map that Austin was only an hour away, so after the conference I jetted up to visit with one of my dearest friends and made some new friends all while learning how to...

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April 12 Thru April 13 Will Be Awesome

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What’s so awesome about the weekend of April 12th thru April 13, 2014? Aside from the fact that the final season of one of my favorite shows, Mad Men, is airing…I’m doing something I haven’t done since 2006: Exhibiting at the LA Times Festival of Books. For those of you that have been, you know it’s a book lovers paradise, and for those of you that haven’t…perhaps you should make a maiden voyage this year. Especially since I’m giving away FREE BOOKS. That’s right, if you come to booth...

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Free for the Holidays

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Holiday fever is in full swing and this year I’m trying something new. I’m doing a special five day promotion where you can download the first book in the Sex, Life, & Hannah series on your Kindle for FREE. For those of you that have been on the fence about diving into my chick lit series, this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. For those of you that are still in a quandary about what to get that certain someone that loves books like Bridget Jones’ Diary and anything by Sophie Kinsella, and watches Girls...

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An Abstract View of New York

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I used to travel to New York City a lot. I was working in Syracuse and every weekend would set off to one of the many big city destinations within a four-hour drive. New York City was my favorite. There was something about the pulse of the streets, and the diversity of the people, or maybe it was just being in my twenties, single, and open to just about any adventure. I’d stumbled into so many parties, events, conversations, romantic escapades, and lusty flings. It was like the energy of the city could do me no wrong.

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