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PeeWee: Date night with the wife. What do I bring for the after party?

Me: Lube.

PeeWee: I can get her wet.

Me: Titanium cock ring.

PeeWee: What does that do?

Me: Makes your dick look big, hard, and pretty. It’s mostly cock jewelry.

PeeWee: Does it help stimulate the woman?

Me: There are vibrating cock rings out there that are pretty fun. They’re also typically textured, which adds to the stimulation.

PeeWee: You must be great in bed.

Me: I know a few tricks. If you get a vibrating cock ring, try to find one that’s long, like a sleeve, more surface area; more stimulation.

PeeWee: She didn’t like the Rabbit I bought for her.

Me: Those can be a bit overwhelming.

PeeWee: I even put it on slow speed.

Me: She might like this better: it’s my fave. But next time, get her input.

PeeWee: I will…does it work on the clit and the g-spot at the same time?

Me: No, you have to get one more like this for that:

PeeWee: Looks like death by orgasm.

Me: There are worse things.