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I stumbled upon a tweet from SSDated on Saturday: Give me a topic to write about.

I was at a nail salon, getting my feet worked on, and about to my gel manicure cherry popped, but I immediately thought, I’d love to be in a hot shower right now…

A couple hours later I received this:

Hot Showers: A Love Poem

Steps in like he owns the place. Already late
For soccer games and gymnastic meets.
Dreams we had 20 years ago about Sundays
Lazy with newspapers and kitchen floor sex.
He reaches around, I expect a cupped breast
A nipple pinch, shoulder kisses like butterflies
That once lived fast and loose in my stomach.
“Pass the soap” he says and my chest heaves
Bouncy castles after kids parties, I am deflated.
Shampooing out my youth, soap me up and away
Conditioning in my patience, wait one day shy
Of forever.
Stand under the water, hot like newlyweds
Hot like expectations, hot like days in the summer
When we were kids and his eyes were always on me.
And then he turns around. And says it.
“Mother of my children. Protector of my heart.
Hold you close and dear in every moment.
I cannot live without you. Need you in every
Second. This life we’ve made together is everything
Will be everything. You are. My everything.”
Or something like that. At least that’s what I hear
When he pulls me in at the waist. Kisses me hard.
And says “do you think we have time” And for him.
For us. Always. This is what we signed up for.
Hot showers and soccer practice.

I love that. For so many reasons and emotions that I am going through right now. Thank you SSDated.

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