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I wake up, roll over, and see the light peeking through the blinds. I drank too much yesterday, and last night because I wanted to celebrate, and feel free, but now I’m just dehydrated and thinking… There’s a comforter separating me and hubbie; common when it’s this hot at night. I push it to the bottom of the bed, and get closer to him.

I lightly touch the side of his face, “Baby.”

He stirs. “Yes.”

“I’m feeling needy. And I think I pulled something in my lower back setting up at the pool yesterday.” I move my hand from his face, down to his chest; the perfect amount of fur, I love so much. I rub my hand in it, and over his great pecs, and then move my hand lower…

He reaches for my hip, grabs onto it, then cups my ass, I love how big his hands are. They turn me on, even though I woke up wet. I love when that happens, it makes me wonder what I was dreaming about.

He’s on top of me, moving inside of me, and my mind wanders to the other night in the shower, when I walked in on him, dimmed the lights, and lit the candles, stripped down, and joined in. Before long, wrapping my legs around his, and gripping the glass shower doors.

But now it’s sticky, because it’s still hot, and I can hear our sweat every time our skin meets. His pelvis rocking on mine massages all the kinks out, all the doubts away, making me forget about sabbaticals, and strippers; wanting it to be…like this all the time.