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I’m going to play devil’s advocate for just a moment, and I’m not saying that Kim K does not deserve all the smack talk she’s gotten over her failed three-month marriage, but, as a woman that has loved and lost many times before, I do feel bad for her.

Her life, although by no means difficult in the strictest sense of the word, must be rather emotionally draining. I say this because I know from my experience, when me and hubbie were debating whether we could do a reality TV show about the ups and downs of our relationship, there were times we thought doing a show like that would end our marriage. Even when I write a blog post about some of our trials, there is this sense of a breach of privacy that causes some anxiety, even though hubbie’s signed off on blogging our real-time experiences because ultimately, you feel it will help people in some way.

So I’m not surprised Kim K’s marriage ended so abruptly, and regardless whether it was a publicity stunt or not, I’m sure it fucked with her head. I’m sure she had feelings for the guy, and I’m sure there was a mutual hope that somehow they could make it work, despite the cameras constantly in their faces, and the pressures from business managers (e.g. Kris Jenner), and the world, to put on a better show than the Royals. I’m sure even the pressure of being a thirty-something-year-old woman that’s not hitched or popping out babies yet had something to do with Kim K’s decision-making process. I know a lot of women who grasp on to whatever last straw of hope they can find once they get into their thirties, only to realize very quickly it’s a mistake. Hope is part of every relationship, and when things don’t work out how we hope they will, it’s devastating; paycheck or no paycheck.

How the other sisters are doing it, I don’t know. Maybe they haven’t allowed the reality TV side to take over their reality as much, or maybe they chose better partners; partners that either get off on the public displays of drama (e.g. Scott Disick, total socialite celebrity brat) or are so used to it, it doesn’t phase them (e.g. Lamar Odom, of the multi-national-champion Lakers).

I say let’s give Kim K a little slack, and let’s just hope that next time she’s able to get real with the real deal.