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Here is the question I got on Facebook today:

Q. If you move in with a woman, telling her from the start that you are just friends with benefits and that it’s temporary until you get your shit together, but then she downs a bottle of Aspirin when you tell her you’re moving out ( because you’re sick of her smothering you whenever you’re in the same room and told her so). Is it wrong that your reaction is to go stay at a friends place and order pizza?

She did phone 3 times to say that it was “All your fault and I won’t be here tomorrow.” And “You don’t even care, I’ll find you and die on the doorstep!” And finally “Everything I do, I do for you and get NOTHING in return!

A. Sounds like you basically pimped yourself out for free rent, and (surprise) got yourself into a bad situation.

Sex ALWAYS complicates everything, I don’t care how casual the intention or how everyone involved says “they understand”–unless it’s just a one-night stand and you never plan on seeing the person again. But if it goes on for weeks, months, or (hopefully not) years, you bet your ass someone will get emotionally attached and might pull the psycho card on you.

If you’re in a bad situation and wanna get your shit together, stay with a good friend whose dick you don’t have to suck every night, or stay with family (even if you know it WILL suck). But definitely get yourself out of the pity fucking situation.

As far as your girl is concerned, finish your pizza and be a man: Make sure she’s alright. If you can get a hold of one of her friend’s, call them, and get them to check on her. If you have no idea who she hangs with, call a Crisis Management line or your local Police so that they can check on her.

And learn from your mistakes.