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Of all the things to forget when packing for Canada in the winter, me and hubbie forgot tuques. So…upon arriving in Vancouver we decided to take a walk and found the above tuque for me at Sears. Yes, Sears of all places, which is not nearly as ghetto in downtown Vancouver as it is in the valley of Los Angeles. It was on sale for $8.99, SCORE. And it was the perfect accessory to the black, wool, sweater dress I wore out for NYE.

A few days later, we boarded the ferry to Victoria. Hubbie thought it was going to be more rugged; fighting our way through waves in life jackets, armed with oars, and all that. In reality we sipped on tea and nibbled on cookies from the restaurant, and I scored again when I found this awesome wood ring for $7 in the gift shop. The perfect acoutrement to my brown leather band.

Get your tuque and wood on folks. It’s cold outside (even in L.A.), but we can still be sexy.

p.s. the chipped nail polish, well, it’s rugged, like the weather right now.