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Yesterday, me, and the plumber that was fixing the garbage disposal, got into a conversation. “People in America are too money-hungry and they don’t know how to enjoy life,” he said in his thick Armenian accent.

I had to agree with him, to a point, because I had definitely seen myself get caught up in the pursuit of money for the wrong reasons.

“Me, I work a simple job, I live in a simple house, I live a simple life, but every year I take a four-week vacation to somewhere I’ve never been.”

I tell him this is why I just booked a three-week vacation to Europe, because I don’t think hubbie had ever taken the typically American two-week vacation, let alone a three-week vacation.

I also consider it a small reward for all the down-sizing we’ve done over the last year; mostly out of necessity, but it’s definitely given me a different perspective on what a person needs versus what a person just wants.

Could we be spending our hard-earned surplus in a more productive way? Of course, but sometimes you have to throw responsibility out the window and take a moment to…enjoy life.

Plus, I’m hoping a little R&R will get our love life back on track, because it’s been a cumbersome year of sex that has often made me doubt the longevity of our relationship.

I used to be the first to say to anyone in a similar predicament, “when the sex goes, the relationship is over,” but when a girlfriend recently said the same to me I countered with, “it’s different when you’re married.” Not that being married should be an excuse for a lackluster love life, but it definitely makes you think longer and harder before walking away.

So I’m hedging my bets a little on the European adventure being the medicine we need to realize how much desire we still have for one another, and hoping it doesn’t end like this one couple I know that tried to do the same in Fiji, with divorce papers.

One last note, I will be budgeting a lot over the next couple of months in anticipation of my little getaway, but I will also be buying something that I think will come in handy on the trip: a versatile pair of black sandals. Something you can dress up or down, and with enough comfort for strolling the streets of Barcelona. Something like this Roxy Kloe sandal for $34 from

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