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Remember Alexis on Dynasty? She was the bitchy one opposite that perfect chick with the blond hair, Krystle. I remember watching the reruns when I was like 12 and wondering…could I ever pull off a hat like that? So I found it kinda funny when me and my friend Nikki stumbled upon this booth at the Art & Wine festival in Walnut Creek this weekend.


I’m gonna say: I think I can pull it off. And I bet you can too, so I’m calling it this month. Get your X-Large Brimmed hats out of storage or pick one up and make yourself seen in June! Or not. If you’re getting harassed by the paprazzi this could be the ticket for being incognito.


I think this is also the ticket for some Sunday barbeque event, or at the beach (when it’s not windy), or pool. Especially if you’ve forgotten your sunscreen and want to save yourself from a fate of pre-mature wrinkling. And definitely if you’re planning on going to the Kentucky Derby–in 2011, ’cause you’ve already missed it this year. Just get one! It’s hot! Especially in red.


Me and Nikki got these from Jeanne at High Velocity. Her website isn’t up yet, but if you’re in the San Francisco area call her at: 209.595.6367, or e-mail: