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Yesterday I looked back on my post from a year ago about my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 and then tweeted about how 2.5 out of 5 wasn’t bad. Truthfully, I feel it was a little half-assed (just like when I try to multi-task). So this year I’ve decided on one resolution. One goal that I can focus on and put my all into. One thing that can be like my guiding light for the entire year.

Of course committing to one thing can be tricky. I know. I’m married. 2.5 out of 5 is not an option; one foot in, one foot out is sure to lead to eventual dissatisfaction, so you have to be really sure. Especially when you’re standing at whatever altar you decide on proclaiming your intentions to whatever god you believe in. I mean, you don’t want to look back, on the cusp of 2014, and feel like you made a mistake. Or failed. So you have to pick something that you know you won’t want to back out of half way in. On the other hand, you should challenge yourself. What is a resolution if not a shift in your current way of living?

My initial reaction to picking one resolution was: I want to write and publish two books. That’s one more than last year. But that doesn’t seem grand enough. Writing and publishing does not necessarily equal financial success or the ability to quit your day job and finally only do something you really love. My friend Big T suggested the concept of choosing one word to set the tone for 2013, which I really like, although that almost seems too grand; not precise enough for me. My sister texted me her New Year’s resolution: Make more money doing fun stuff. I like that.

Make more money writing and publishing two BIG books. I stole the concept of “big” from the Choose One Word article because I have always liked the concept of go big or go home, even though I am guilty of often being on the brink of a win yet trying to make myself feel good about a draw. The diplomatic tennis player that can justify anything by saying: “Hey, I won one out of three sets, and came really close to winning the second set. You can’t beat yourself up over all those unforced errors”. Even though we all know that coming close to winning is not winning. But I digress.

Make more money writing and publishing two BIG books. There you have it. That’s my resolution for 2013.

On a completely separate topic (but turns out somewhat related), yesterday I also looked up the greatest disco songs of 1979 as per Casey Kasem. Remember him? I do. And I also feel like I totally missed my era (if only I had been born in ’56 instead of ’76). Anyway…this search led to other 70’s era disco searches, which led me to Teddy Pendergrass and his 1978 LP title and song: Life is a Song worth Singing. “Only you generate the power to decide what to do with your life”. Think about that lovelies as you decide on your New Year’s resolution for 2013.