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Man is faulted because we want what we don’t have, and when we get what we want, we want what we once had. – Don Draper

“I want things to be the way they once were with me and hubbie. Passionate. Where you crave for one another like you crave for your favorite dessert. Where a day without one another feels like you’re dying from thirst.”

Me and RJ were celebrating our birthdays (one week apart) at my now favorite restaurant in Marina Del Rey, discussing my significant other, and his new significant other.

“If you compare things to the past you’re always going to be disappointed.” He responded like the wise man he is.

“True. Then let me re-phrase: I want passion with hubbie now, especially for my birthday.” I was trying to stab into a ton of spinach and prosciutto.

“Things are passionate with my hot Danish girl,” RJ smirks like a man smitten. “We talk every day, and she sent me this video…I want to show you, but I can’t.”

“Of course things are passionate with you and your hot Danish girl. You just met, had spicy sex, she lives thousands of miles away, you’re in the chase-and-try-to-conquer phase. It’s exhilirating, and there’s suspense, and pent-up lust, and great fantasy fodder while masturbating. All the makings for passion.”

RJ nearly chokes on his Gulf shrimp. Earlier we joked with the waitress about whether the shrimp were bought on deep discount because of the oil spill, now I’m thinking it was probably not a joke.

“Has a penis ever pierced your heart?” RJ asks after he’s assured me he’s not choking or tasting oil residue.

“Hubbie’s penis pierced my heart. But mostly, I used to fuck for play. And I kinda miss that now.”

“So this new eye candy client of yours…”

“I am not a lying cheating whore. I’ve worked hard to fix that about myself.”

“Has anyone ever told you, you carry yourself like you have a big dick?”

I tell RJ if I really had a big dick I would have gone down the high-priced escort route, and would be a millionaire by now. With a hit TV show. Just like Brooke Magnanti.