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I’ve been really fortunate to have met many great music selectors in my time: Hugh Herrera, DJ Harvey, Dex, Maitland Waters, Tony Watson, several from the KCRW crew, and a few others I’m not omitting on purpose, just trying to keep the list shorter rather than longer. Because of these folks my ears continue to experience magic, my fingers continue to type, my brain continues to be inspired, my body continues to dance. Thank you.

1. Starchild by Jamirquai

2. Wilhelm Scream by James Blake

3. I Don’t Know by Suicide Sports Club

4. Helena Beat by Foster the People

5. Adventures In Success by Will Powers

6. Don’t fucking tell me what to do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix) by Robyn

7. Forever More by Moloko

8. Sing It Back (Acoustic) by Moloko